What NBA ROOKIE is everyone MOST interested in seeing play for the 1st time???

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What NBA ROOKIE is everyone MOST interested in seeing play for the 1st time???

My favorite part about the begining of an NBA season is watching the rookies play in the league for the first time. It is very interesting to see how their games transition to the NBA....some flourish...other's sink....most just play average.

There are a lot of rookie's to choose from...but...I guess I am most interested in seeing JAN VESELY!!!

I was kinda getting excited thinking about JAN n JOHN runnin' the fast break....could make for many ESPN top 10 plays of the day ( if JAVLE doesn't catch the ooooop first!!!)

Vesely might also be a bust tho....thats why he's so interesting in my opinion.

Anyways...feel free to mention any rookies if you want...but...try to embed a video with it if you can...could make for a sweeeeeeet post....bunch killer vids like this!!!

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Canadian content

I'm most excited to see Tristan Thompson suit up for the Cavs. I want to see he lives up to the hype of being the #4 pick and if he's improved his mid-range shooting and foul shooting over the lockout

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Corey Joseph

think he left early but the spurs system should help him. with no George Hill now i wonder does he gets does mins

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Really excited to see Kemba

Really excited to see Kemba pick up where he left off in college, I expect growing pains but the best way to get through them is letting him learn from his mistakes and I doubt he will be punished as much as other rookies.

I also want to see how Marshon Brooks performs, can he still be an efficient and elite scorer at the next level, I'm sure D-Will makes everything easier, but Marshon has a will to get better individually and I expect him to have a good season as well.

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I'll be very curious to see

I'll be very curious to see how Kemba goes also. Charlotte is a team in dire need of leadership, and Walker might be that rookie who can come in and provide it.

Also, I'm very keen on seeing how Rubio and Williams fit in with the Timberwolves. If Beasley gets traded expect Williams to win ROY. Finding out how far these two players with star potential can take the Wolves is going to make Minnesota a League Pass favourite.

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Without a Doubt,to me its

Without a Doubt,to me its Ricky Rubio..I've watched him play several times in person and on tv,and always wondered how his game would translate in the nba...

I'm also eager to see Tristan Thompson play..The Cavs got alot of flack for selecting him so high..But at Texas he played the way a big man is suppose to play inside,despite being a little unsized...

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I'm most interested in seeing

I'm most interested in seeing Kemba. I want to see if he can perform some of the same heroics against better competition.

If we're picking seconds, I'm excited to see what Kawhi Leonard can do. He was my favorite player in the draft.

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Rubio is an easy choice for

Rubio is an easy choice for me,waiting for 2 years after being drafted ,which makes it 3 years of discussions about how good he is and how his game is gonna translate
this season the waiting ends finally

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im curious how the dou of

im curious how the dou of Irving and thompson live up with the hype, "the future of the cavaliers", will it be better than

kemba - biyombo

Kanter - burks

Williams - rubio (rookie)

but im excied on how the spurs will use kawhi leonard, i sure wish he bet jefferson on the starting line-up, maybe mid season, he be the sixth man or the starter

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i want also want to see

i want also want to see markieff and marcus morris marking each other up, they know each others tendencies, dont twins have esp with each other? joke

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Mah boi Alec KB Burks

Mah boi Alec KB Burks

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I want to see Ricky Rubio as

I want to see Ricky Rubio as well. I also want to see Jonas Valanciunas, but I will have to wait until next year for that.

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Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter, & Kemba

I agree with the guy above, if Beasley is traded i think D.Will will win ROY!

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Jimmer vs Kemba

My friends and I went back and forth on which player would start their career better, as well as ultimately have a more productive career. I swear by Jimmer because I think his shooting will translate to the league sooner and more than any defineable skills that Kemba has.

Kemba dominated college basketball in an especially weak year talent-wise and powerhouse team-wise. In addition, his team didn't really pick up the pace unti Big East tourney time (they finished 9th in conference). Jimmer will have less touches to deal with, and thus less oppurtunity, but I still say his game will translate better to the current state of the NBA.

So in short: Jimmer

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im just excited to finally

im just excited to finally start watching basketball!!!!!!!

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I don't have just one player

I don't have just one player i have a few

Rubio- just to see how well he adapts to the nba, and how well or bad he will do(hes still a rookie so i expect atleast avg numbers)

Kemba Walker- was the man in college and basically carried them, will kind of be in the same situation in charlotte.

Marshon Brooks- my nets pick, interesting to see how he does hopefully he wont be a chucker like he was in college.

Kyrie/thompson duo wonder how well they work out

and basically all the international short ALL OF THEM

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Jimmer, Kemba, and Selby are

Jimmer, Kemba, and Selby are the rookies I'm most interested to see.

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Rubio, just out of curiosity,

Rubio, just out of curiosity, I'm not a huge fan, but I want to see if his game translate and how well.

Kanter too, didn't get to see him at Kentucky last year so I want to see him play with the big boys

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Rubio and Derrick Williams

Rubio and Derrick Williams

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No one said Brandon Knight so I felt I should say it. UK's guards all do extremely well in the NBA. Brandon Knight wasn't as impressive in college as Wall or Rose but dont be surprised if he goes for 18 and 5 if he gets minutes. Also Faried is expected to get minutes maybe even a starting job. He leaves a lot to be desired offensively but his rebounding and defense are top notch.

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I want to see how Biyombo

I want to see how Biyombo does. I feel like he went to the NBA just too soon and did it for the money. Everything with him just went too fast. Didn't he just start playing basketball like four years ago or something? He goes from being virtually unknown to being a top ten draft pick. I dont know, but something tells me his is going to be a bust.

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a few international picks

Valanciunas and Kanter

These guys both tore up the international junior scene in additon to being key contributors to their national teams during the latest Eurobasket. It'll be really exciting to see if their international success will translate.

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i remember some people disagree with jordan picking kemba over burks

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I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to finally seeing Ricky Rubio in the NBA, watching the other young guards go at it will be fun to see who comes out on top amongst them. I'll throw a wild card in with Kawhi Leonard who slipped down the draft a bit but the Spurs pulled a trade with the Pacers to get him. Knowing that the Spurs certainly do their due dilligence then I wonder if Burford and Coach Poppovich have unearthed another hidden gem.

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Rubio, Jajuan JOhnson, Kemba

Rubio, Jajuan JOhnson, Kemba and jimmer

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To be honest, I'm excited to

To be honest, I'm excited to see Iman Shumpert. I read somewhere that his defensive mindset and tenacity rivals that of Kevin Garnett.

Otherwise I'm excited for Enes Kanter, Kyrie, Jonas (when he comes and plays for the Raps), Derrick Williams, Biyombo, Klay Thompson, Donatas Motiejunas, Jordan Hamilton, Jeremy Tyler.... Yeah the NBA has been locked out for too long. I just wanna see them all play lol

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I really want to see if Kyrie really deserved being #1 overall...I'm a Duke fan and I just couldn't buy into it so I need to see how he'll fair against the PG's of the NBA

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All of them. This draft was

All of them. This draft was labeled as being very weak but partly because of all the unkowns. No one really knows what to expect of Irving, Kanter, or any of the international guys.

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We've waited two frickin

We've waited two frickin years, of course it's gonaa be Rubio.

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As much as I dislike the Celtics

jajuan Johnson and ETwaun Moore

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