What makes the position

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What makes the position

My friend and I were having this discussion about my GS team and his NYK. the subject got to Anthony Davis and he wondered why I would want Anthony Davis if we already got Bogut. I replied cuz Davis is a PF. He was saying he is a Center cuz of his height. He thinks everyone 6'10'' and taller shuld be a Center. Have in mind he doesnt watch college basketball so he only know davis is tall and blocks shots.

So to you, what makes a person a certain position?


2-offensive skill

3-lack of a skill

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A combination of size, skill

A combination of size, skill and athleticism.

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I think the biggest

I think the biggest difference between a PF and a C is offensive ability and height. C's range from 611" and up while PF's are usually 6'11" and down(yes i know bout Pau and Dirk). PF's score more while C's tend to be the more defensive guys, which is why I think Brook Lopez is a PF

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your position is dependent

your position is dependent upon what position on the other team you can guard.

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delfam is dead on. You play

delfam is dead on.

You play the position you are able to effectivley defend. Some guys can defend more than one, so those teams have the luxury of playing them where they want to (depending on the other players on the roster).

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My JC coach always described

My JC coach always described his ideal 4/5 positions like this, remember this is jc not necessarily NBA:

4- Best offensive/post player

5- Best rebounder post defender but not neceassarily the tallest, does the dirty work

Davis fits the center description better but with his current frame he'll be a four entering the league but I was just thinking the other what kind of center would work best with him. I feel like Nene or Cousins would be ideal with their bulk. Brook Lopez not a bad fit either but think about a Dwight Howard/Anthony Davis combo if NJ was able to get him without giving up the #1, all in all unlrealistic but very scary.

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Center/Power Forward depends on scheme sometimes too

Pau Gasol is a natural 4 but in a D'Antoni like system he's a 5, all the way, guys like Cousins/Monroe/Aldridge can be 4's and 5's because of scheme versatility, Gregg Popovich used Duncan as a 4 and a 5 because of his ability to both hit jumpers, handle the ball well on the perimeter but also bang with true centers and rebound at an efficient rate

Anthony Davis with his frame cannot play Center efficiently or effectively in the NBA, for 5 minutes maybe if a team goes small but he would have to really bulk up. Kendrick Perkins is 6'10 but 255 so he has the size to bang with D12 and Bynum effectively

This also goes to guys saying why Charlotte, if they win the lottery, would draft Davis with Biyombo there, Biyombo is 6'9-6'10 and could get maybe an additional inch or 2 due to his age but realistically if he stays 6'9 your left with small frontcourt if a league where size is essentially to team success

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The lack of the interpreter to see the game as fluid

We are trying to simply something complicated instead of respecting how complicated it is and using that to understand it in its complicated form.

Jalen Rose, in a brief, very brief,moment of brillance said something similar to Skip Bayless last week. He said how its for stupid people to be able to identify better with the game. It's not football, where a O-linemen cant throw the ball, because of the rules. Even though some NBA centers have been warned not to shoot 3's.

If Davis was drafted by Toronto he would be a center, if by NYK he would be a pf. We take the skillset of guys in comparison to other guys on their team and assign position.The difference in the name of the position doesnt have signify a particular skill set, though. Sometimes people use it as such and sometimes people don't and it leads to problems.

We ussually refer to a distibutor in the back court that sets the offense and brings the ball up a point guard. Of course at the same time we dont call Lebron or Scottie Pippen a pg. Lebron spents a lot of time on the wing also so he doesnt play a traditional pg anyway, thus the positions are fluid. Say we call them point forwards but Pippen never lived on the wing so why not point guard. Maybe becaue he wasnt short, but they played Harper, Jordan and Pippen at times.

We could arbitrarily attribute some defintion of each position like the one I attepmted above for point guard, but that doesnt have any real impetus in todays NBA game where the rage of skills vary and dont fit preconcieved notions of what players are "supposed" to do.

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I think Davis can play the C

I think Davis can play the C down the line. Marcus Camby is 6'11'' 235 lbs and Tyson Chandler is 7' 240lbs and when they came into the league they were 223 and 224lbs. Roughly the same size as Davis and they both boasted great careers as defensive minded centers.

Does a 225lb Anthony Davis have the bulk to play the C now? Probably not, but his length will allow him to play split time at PF and C like Chandler opposite Eddy Curry or he could play the PF early in his career like Camby did.

People get too worried about the prototype, but many guys have great success without fitting the mold and Camby and Chandler are two examples of guys who have with very similar body styles to Davis.

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Joe W, I think he plays center down the line also

Because he can give some shooting, quick-high flying pick and roll action, ball handling while not giving up the size, shot blocking and rebounding that ussually comes with center with those abilties.

But Greg Monroe would play center if Detroit had Perkins or Chandler. He would if he started next to Sullinger though.

There is a "pure" definition for every position but that doesnt fit every coaching style and diffinately doesnt fit todays players.

It all works because everybody plays by the rules. If some team sends out 5 bigs and the other team sends out 5 bigs then everything goes to hell.

Look at how TE has changed in the NFL.

I love Davis but Brandon Wright had the same body type also and it took him 4 years to put on 15 lbs.

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Davis can handle the rock and

Davis can handle the rock and can do other stuff so I think he could play both position but early on it may be best for him to be a power forward until his body develops.

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delfam has the most accurate definition by today's game. its who you can guard.

deeznuts - I mentioned that about what Jalen Rose said in another was indeed a brilliant statement.

Traditionally, the positions went like this...

PG - primary ballhandler and distributer, sets up the offense, extension of coach on the floor...Coach jr.

SG - primary backcourt scorer, secondary ballhandler, and typically best shooter and backcourt defender

SF - should be the most versatile player on the court because he helps with ballhandling and backcourt duties, rebounding and front court duties. sometimes asked to guard his position as well as the 2 and the 4.

PF - the lunchpail guy that does the dirty work. helps the center out with everything....scoring, rebounding, shotblocking, post defense....but usually the center does all these things better. basically the Center jr.

C - primary post scoring, defense, rebounding, shotblocking. anchor to the defense.

nowadays, this could go any whichway...the only thing that is really constant is the PG is the primary ballhandler in the NBA. other than that, there are SGs that cant shoot, Centers that cant rebound. PF's that block all the shots. SF's that get the most steals. PF's that can play PG. PG's that can play SF. SG's that cant play PG. near 7-footers that do NOT play on the interior. etc...etc...etc...

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