What lottery pick(s) is most likely to be traded?

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What lottery pick(s) is most likely to be traded?

Since the 2000 draft, the most traded pick in the draft lottery has been the 7th pick which is currently held by Golden State. More recently, the 5th pick has been traded the past two drafts which is the pick Washington currently possesses. I find these facts interesting, not because this is proof that these picks will be traded but because these are two of the picks I feel are most likely to be trade in the lottery. May the trends continue?

7th Pick:
2006: Randy Foye traded to Minnesota from Boston via Portland
2004: Luol Deng traded to Chicago from Phoenix
2002: Nene traded to Denver from New York
2001: Eddie Griffin traded to New Jersey from Houston
2000: Chris Mihm traded to Cleveland from Chicago

5th Pick:
2009: Jordan Hill traded to Dallas from Washington???
2008: Kevin Love traded to Minnesota from Memphis
2007: Jeff Green traded to Seattle from Boston

What pick(s) in the lottery do you see as most likely of being traded come draft day?

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most likely

most likely memphis. nothing they want will be worthy at 2. i think they trade. washington is a runner up.

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In a year where there is a #1 (Griffin), and everybody else has their own #2, I bet somebody trades up to the #2 spot to nab Rubio. Candidates: SAC, MIN, NY, IND, PHX, PHI, ATL.

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I really think that there is

I really think that there is a very good chance that picks 2, 3, & 5 will all be traded. I'm just not sure what teams will be trading up to get those spots.

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i think memphis will trade

i think memphis will trade the 2 and washington will trade the 5

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Rubio and/or Curry.

Rubio and/or Curry.

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