What The Knicks Should Do

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What The Knicks Should Do

I think the Knicks need to stop thinking about getting LeBron, and actually go after a fellow 2003 draft classmate of his, that actually does wants to be play for the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony...Anthony stated a few years back on the then Stephen A. Smith show, Quite Frankly, that he would love the opportunity to play for the Knicks...He was in NYC, for the Puerto Rican Parade, on a float with rapper, Fat Joe, and he's getting married to tv persnality, La La Vasquez, in NYC...This guy is from Brookln, and admired Bernard King, the former Knick legend...I say, sign and trade David Lee, with Wilsom Chandler, and a few future picks, and get Carmelo Anthony and Amare to pair together...The trade Eddy Curry to the Wizards, for Arenas, and the Knicks would have Carmelo, Arenas, Amare, and Gallo, to bring them back to respectability.

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1)Melo is from

1)Melo is from Baltimore
2)You dont really think Denver would just accept Chandler, Lee and a couple picks do you?
3)We already went through the LeHYPE phase please dont contribute to the predictable CarHYPO phase.

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isn't melo born in brooklyn and raised in baltimore? but honestly u really think that denver would do that trade lol?? no way denver ever trades melo unless there is another huge superstar in the deal and even then it may not happen... plus i heard that they are working on a extension rite now anyways.

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FROM.. He said dad


He said dad is from portugal but I want raised there so I`m not from there...

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melo doesnt want to play in denver anymore imo
denver offered an extention aldready and melo did not accept melo to NY 2011 FA?
likely to happen if we have money

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Ya i dont see denver trading

Ya i dont see denver trading him away unless they get something great in return, b\c outside of the lakers, theres no #1 team in the west & denver is right now a top 2-4 playoff team, I think they play Melos contract out & then nexts off-season they work a sign & trade, but no one is probley going to get Melo until 2011

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i havent heard anything about

i havent heard anything about melo wanting to leave. ANd if im the nuggs, the only way i make a deal is if im quite confident he is leaving. But I doubt they will know that this summer it will probably be closer to the trading deadline next season. And whats with the knicks throwing a couple picks on this trade, are they not supposed to draft until 2020 or something?

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I'm not starting a new thread

I'm not starting a new thread for this, but this ought to get the eyes of the people who would be interested.

No Player Pos Ht Wt Born College/Country 2009-10 Team Yrs Pro
55 Eric Boateng C 6-10 257 Nov. 20, 1985 Arizona State Arizona State (NCAA) R
2 Jaycee Carroll G 6-1 187 Apr. 16, 1983 Utah State Gran Canarias (Spain) R
41 Warren Carter F 6-9 220 Apr. 23, 1985 Illinois Ilisiakos (Greece) R
23 Toney Douglas G 6-2 190 May 25, 1987 Florida State New York (NBA) 1
0 Patrick Ewing, Jr. F 6-8 240 May 20, 1984 Georgetown Reno (NBADL) R
18 Olu Famutimi G 6-5 220 Feb. 21, 1984 Arkansas Oyak Renault (Turkey) R
4 Landry Fields G/F 6-7 215 Jul. 27, 1987 Stanford Stanford (NCAA) R
35 Charles Garcia F 6-10 230 Oct. 13, 1988 Seattle Seattle (NCAA) R
17 Ron Howard G 6-5 200 Nov. 14, 1982 Valparaiso Valparaiso (NCAA) R
31 Chris Hunter F/C 6-11 240 Jul. 7, 1984 Michigan Golden State (NBA) 1
11 Marcus Landry F 6-7 230 Nov. 1, 1985 Wisconsin Boston/New York (NBA) 1
40 Leo Lyons F 6-9 225 May 25, 1987 Missouri Hapoel Jerusalem (Israel) R
45 Carlos Powell F 6-7 225 Aug. 29, 1983 South Carolina Albuquerque (NBADL) R
20 Andy Rautins G 6-4 194 Nov. 2, 1986 Syracuse Syracuse (NCAA) R
5 Bill Walker G/F 6-6 230 May 25, 1987 Kansas State New York/Boston 2
25 Ryan Wittman F 6-7 210 Oct. 26, 1987 Cornell Cornell (NCAA) R

FWIW, Wittman might actually have value in that kind of system if New York ever gets a point guard who can both distribute the ball (Duhon-esque) and be a threat to score (Nate Robinson-esque).

Poor Jerome Jordan can't play until the trades and whatnot become official.

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i live in denver and it

i live in denver and it sounds like melo isn't really interested in staying in denver. he put his house up for sale. it reminds me of what happened to jay cutler. if denver believes they can't bring him back, i wouldn't be surprised if melo is moved somewhere.

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What Picks????

The Rockets have the Knicks picks till John Wall is old enough to drink. The Knicks have craped out signing Stoudamire wont help you might as well keep Lee. The gameplan was flawed from the jump. You disrescpted your best palyers for a pipe dream.The Knicks are on par with the Clippers these days. And if Lebron doesn't go to New Jerus when they move to Brooklyn, the Knicks will be the 2nd best team in NY. I wish I could have seen the scene yesterday, Jay-Z, Prokhorov, and Avery walking confidently by D'Antoni pushing Donnie Walsh in wheelchair.

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@juves4783....i always

@juves4783....i always thought denver had the right crop of players/talent to make it far

but lets be honest guys melo is no lebron on and off the court

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