What Kind of Scorer do You Prefer??

Do you like a smooth scorer (Kobe, Joe Johnson, Durant) or an explosive scorer (Wade, Lebron, Amare) when you are watching a game??

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I prefer a smooth scorer. I

I prefer a smooth scorer. I just love to see a guy operate like some of the smooth scorers that you mentioned. It looks like they're playing at 60% most of the time, but they still put up big numbers.

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I love watching smooth

I love watching smooth scorers like Kobe and Durant when they're on their game. They make it look so easy

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Honestly it doesn't matter

Honestly it doesn't matter what "kind" they are to me as long as they are an efficient scorer. It doesn't matter how you put it in the bucket, it just matters that it goes in.

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I like watching Monta because

I like watching Monta because he is so fast

Dale Worthington
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Yung God Ellis.

Yung God Ellis.

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Gotta go with the smooth

Gotta go with the smooth scorers. I grew up in a period that had McGrady, Bryant, Nowitzki, Pierce and Iverson. They made scroing look very easy and i loved to watch them play. At high-school while the Pacers sucked i was a huge Mavs fan (still am) and the way Dirk played i just loved.

Also is what catergory would you put VC in?

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Both... LoL... He is smooth

Both... LoL... He is smooth now but he was explosive...

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I aint even a big Kobe fan,

I aint even a big Kobe fan, but no lie, its like watching corn(wita p) when he starts to go off. When he's on fire, his stroke just looks so smooth and you know its going in. I cant count the number of times I've starred in amazement. And if u think that is good, watching MJ was like being high. You just wonder how shiot works sometimes, the way he played ball...it was art.

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