What kind of role will Earl Clark play next season

What do you think?

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He will probably come off the

He will probably come off the bench in a 15 min+ role every night. i think gentry is ready to add him to the system

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Bench Player

Yeah he will obviously be coming off the bench but I don't know how effective he will be. He has been very disappointing so far and hasn't been stellar in summer league play. The real question I have is what kind of role Gani Lawal will play for the Suns. He has played fairly well so far but I think is averaging about 7 fouls a game in the summer league. Looks like we got another offensively gifted big man and defensive liability.

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They will probably play him

They will probably play him with the hope that he figures it out.

The real question McDunkin is what is the deal with your picture?

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I really dont think Clarke

I really dont think Clarke will be very good. The idea of him sounds great, long, and athletic with alot of skills, but actually watching him is oh so dissappointing.

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The Lakers have five players

The Lakers have five players on partial/non-guaranteed contracts including returning guard Andrew Goudelock and rookies Robert Sacre (60th pick in the draft), Reeves Nelson, Greg Somogyi and Johnson-Odom.

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