What kind of draft pick do you think New Orleans can get for Darren Collison?

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What kind of draft pick do you think New Orleans can get for Darren Collison?

I am curious because I would love for us to be able to take Henry and George in this draft.

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Top 5

Top five for sure, Collison can play in the nba at very high level, any player in the draft is still unproven at the nba and each has a degree of failure, Collison demonstrated he is great right now in the next level, and i know like 20 teams that may like him.

However Washington and the sixers wont give their picks, Wall is already a point guard with a brilliant future and the 76 ers already have Holiday. So maybe the third pick??fourth??

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talent wise, i think he would

talent wise, i think he would be worth a pick in the 4-8 range, certainly top 10. If you look at the top 10, the only team that really needs a pg is indiana. Im sure inadiana would jump on that deal. But to me, i would look for somehting more if im new orleans. Collison was the 4th best rookie and played at a roy of the year type level when paul was out. The 10th pick is too risky to give up DC in my book. Maybe if Indiana threw something else in like rush or hansbrough.

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Considering how deep this

Considering how deep this draft is,they still have a great chance of obtaining 1 of those guys

I have the feeling they might go after a big man..Management didnt seem pleased by what they saw in Okafor...
Thorton had a good rookie year..They might feel they dont need to draft another shooting becuz of his success..But i think Thorton is more of an instant offense player thats best coming off the bench becuz of his other limitations...
Alot of teams could use Collison..Considering the fact that Wall is the only surefire point guard thats guaranteed to go in the 1st round..New Orleans have a valuable commodity in Collison..But unless a mindblowing deal comes along..I dont think they should trade him.. Paul hasnt been completely healthy the past 2 seasons..

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I think Indiana would give up

I think Indiana would give up #10 for him. There's no rock solid point guard prospect outside of Wall and that's where their greatest need is.
I don't really see New Orleans trading Collison, though. He and Paul should be one of if not the best point guard tandems in the league next year. Many teams desperately seek one good point guard; having two is a luxury.
Like Rudeboy, I think they have a great chance of getting one of those guys you mentioned.

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1st of all the New Orleans

1st of all the New Orleans Hornets are not dumb enough to get rid of him. This year he was asked to fulfill Chris Pauls

Startin job and takeover the team, he was averaging 20.3 ppg and 10 apg for abou 2 months straight, this kid has way to

much potential for New Orleans to let go,

but if i were to trade Darren for some reason they could possibly get a top 15 pick considering John Walls the only true NBA ready point guard coming out of the draft.

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He is not worth a top 5 pick,

He is not worth a top 5 pick, He's worth a top 10 pick

I think he's great but I don't know why noone is even talking him. Maybe noone wants him or NO isin't actually moving him

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Look obviously right now they

Look obviously right now they may want to have him as insurance but as he gets closer to getting a new deal moving him would be the smart move because it would not be smart to pay two point guards big money and they will have to pay to keep Collison.

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Collison would be a good fit

Collison would be a good fit for the clippers. if johnson and aminu are gone by the time the clips pick, they should consider dealing the pick for Collison. he would be great Baron Davis insurance and they could target a SF in free agency. Don't know if the Hornets would go for it, but it doesn't seem impossible to think this could work

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I was very impressed with Collison...

Not to mention CP3 isn't the most durable player. I think he might end up having a relatively short (but proficient) career, similar to a Kevin Johnson. I'd be in no hurry to let Collison go.

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no way new orleans should

no way new orleans should trade collison. defintely not for a draft pick anyway. it would be silly for new orleans to trade away a guy who just had a great rookie season for a totally unproven rookie. if they traded him for something like beasley and picks or david lee and picks. but just taking a chance on an unproven player like aldrich, monroe or whiteside seems stupid to me

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Collison for Hibbert and 1st round Pick

Noh's draft
10 George
11 Henry
Sign Ishmael Smith

Paul - Henry - George - West - Hibbert
Smith - Thorton - Posey - Wright - Okafor

Noh's 11' draft
1st Round Motie
2nd Round Lucas

Paul - Henry - George - Motie - Hibbert
Lucas - Thorton - Posey - Wright - Okafor

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i would trade

chris paul and get something of higher value. collison can start at pg and they have needs at every other position.

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Indiana has two 2nd round

Indiana has two 2nd round picks, and they're desperate for a PG. The #10 & the higher 2nd rounder sounds like a good deal - or both 2nd rounders, if need be.

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