What A Joke: Frank Haith Wins Coach of the year

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What A Joke: Frank Haith Wins Coach of the year

How the hell did he win the award? Not making any sense, and this has nothing to do with losoing to Norfolk State (757 stand up!). Look at what Tom Crean did at Indiana (turned the program around from 12 wins to 27 wins this year) and Jim Boeheim at Syracuse (with all those clouds hanging over his/the program's head all year) did this year. Their coaching jobs were a lot better to me than Haith by far.

All Haith did for Missouri was just coach the same exact team from last year, and their season ended the same exact way an early exit in the tourney.

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Very True

I'd have to give it to Crean.

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Bill Self anyone??? Kansas is in The Final 4...

What about Rick Pittino or Calipari???

Hell I like what Thad Mattah has done too...

Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens have done better with what they have as well...

Mizzou was not that great IMO and they were exposed in The NCAA tourney...

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yeah but at the same time

yeah but at the same time none of this team was frank haith recruits. these werent his players it was his first year coming into the mizzou program and he did one hell of a job. they ran into norfolk state who just wasnt missing that game. despite all the clouds around boeheims program they were still sort of self imposed that shouldnt be a valid argument for pushing him as coach of the year. yeah crean did a great job and he could have gotten it as well, but hes had good recruiting classes coming in for a few years, its kinda about time they put it together and had a good season. I think haith was a good choice for the award

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I wouldve given it to either

I wouldve given it to either Bill Self or Tom Izzo

Neither one of those teams were expected to do much this season. MSU looked like a potential 8 seed type team in november, and Kansas looked like a middle of the pack squad in the Big 12 in the preseason.

Both Teams won their conference, and just watching both of the teams play, you can tell that the coaching has alot to do with their success, because neither team is stacked with talent, beyond their PFs

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Bill Self would have been my

Bill Self would have been my choice as he has taken Kansas back to the Final 4 after the Morris twins both departed last summer. Also Rick Pinto who has taken a Louisville team minus any big names to the Final 4 must have been a serious contender.

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Self Izzo Crean and Boeheim

Self Izzo Crean and Boeheim were all better options. I personally would have given it to Crean hes made once powerhouse Indiana relevant again after years of dissapointment and controversy.

Mich St. and Kansas were suppoesd to be in rebuilding years but both were top 10 teams which is a direct indicatior of good coaching. Syracuse had all the talent in the world but has had so much contoversy this year most teams would have crumbled but Syracuse seemed even more focused and that has to be attributed to coaching.

Missouri had a great season and Haith did a good job coaching especially finding a way to utilize all of his talented gurads but there were much better choices for coach of the year.

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Just a FYI the coach of the

Just a FYI the coach of the year voting doesn't include the NCAA Tourney.

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All he did was coach a bunch

All he did was coach a bunch of seniors. To his credit, he did have one of his best post players out for the season (Bowers) and have another kid transfer mid season. But no way should he have won it over Bill Self, Izzo, Pitino or FRED HOIBERG.

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Izzo took a ore season in

Izzo took a ore season in ranked team to a number 1 seed. Played a few guys who weren't there last year on a tough conference. He has my vote.

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another one of my spins....

I dont have a problem with Haith getting COY. I do agree with a lot of opinions here, such as Izzo, Crean, and Self has done an excellent usual. Pitino has been the one to really turn water to wind. I wouldnt vote for Boeheim, although he has done a great job, he had an awful lot of talent.

This is another tricky one, like Rose winning MVP and people saying he wasnt the best player, which he wasnt, but it was what he did for his team.

To me, Haith is NOT an elite coach. He really couldnt make waves at Miami, but he inherits a good group of guys and did major work. The fact that I dont believe he is an elite coach is totally irrelevent to what he accomplished. Which was a helluva season, culminated with winning the Big 12 on their way out of the conference.

I just wanted to give my 2 cents. Haith is not on the top tier of coaches like the ones mentioned, but I cant argue with him getting the award. My personal vote would go to in this order....Izzo, Self, Pitino.

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