What the Jazz really need is a few veteran players...

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What the Jazz really need is a few veteran players...

When you look at teams like the Lakers, Suns, Celtics, and Magic they are loaded with veteran players. Experience means everything in the NBA. The Jazz only have one player on their roster currently 30 or older. By NBA standards, they are a very young team. I don't mind their philosophy of acquiring young talent and developing it, but you need to have a balance. When the Jazz let Collins, and Harpring go, they cut loose the two last real veterans on the roster. Youth doesn't win titles in the NBA. You go back through every championship team over the last 15 years, and I bet you won't find any team as young as the Jazz roster is now, that won a ring.

That's why since the 9th pick this year is a complete crapshoot, I think they should try to trade it to bring in a veteran whose skills, and experience could make an impact right away. We need to win now, before D-Will gets discouraged and decides to play somewhere else.


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