For What It's Worth...

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For What It's Worth...

So my high school basketball coach is friends with a scout from the Nuggets and apparently the Nuggets offered Kenneth Faried and future 2nd round picks up for the #4 in which they were going to select McLemore. Only player they had rated higher than McLemore was Oladipo. Also they apparently took Noel off their big board due to rumors around his knees. Take it for what it's worth, I don't have anything to source on it but thought it was interesting if true.

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I could see them making the

I could see them making the offer. Faried is a beast on the glass but most of his points come on put backs, running the floor and the lob pass. I really like Faried's game. He to me is top 2 in the league as a glue guy or that great 3rd opp on a team.

Ben McLemore to me has a shot to be the only star from this draft. So trying to give up Faried for him looks like a good deal to me.

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I'd take Faried and two

I'd take Faried and two 2nd's over Zeller, not sure about Charlotte.

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