What it means if the CLippers win the lottery!!!!

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What it means if the CLippers win the lottery!!!!

There is a little buzz going around the forum that if they win the Lottery LBJ comes and they get wall.

Well lets break it down to what it means if the clippers really do win.

-IT would be the first time in NBA history that a team has won back to back 1st overall picks

- David Stern truely is accepting cash in order to revive dead franchises

- They would have a better and more dynamic core then OKC thunder in Wall, Gordon , Griffin, Kaman

- LAC now becomes LBJ's 2nd choice to go in the FA market behind his childhood dream of living and playing in NYC.

The only way Lebrons goes to LAC is if they get a top 2 pick, They dont need cousins, johnson, Monroe or any big man. LBJ goes if Turner or Wall is drafted. it would be to hard to pass up. a team he can grow with and mold to himself.

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- They would have a better

- They would have a better and more dynamic core then OKC thunder in Wall, Gordon , Griffin, Kaman

since wall and griffin are completely unproven id have to disagree... but theyd still be hella good

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I could see Joe Johnson

I could see Joe Johnson signing with LAC, getting all the hype with a Wall-Gordon-Johnson-Griffin-Kaman line-up and everyone getting excited.. then they win 28 games.

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the clippers need a coach.

the clippers need a coach.

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lol with the SpencerHawes

lol with the SpencerHawes guy

Quite frankly I dont think LBJ should give a rats ass what pick the Clippers get, cuz either way they already have alot of talent on paper with Davis, Gordon, Griffin, Kamen...solid role players with Rasual Butler and Steve Blake, a young big guy who is a good backup in Deandre Jordan and will have a top 10 pick that could bring in a solid wing like James Anderson or Xavier Henry...If Lebron went to the Clips...they would be instant contenders in the West...on paper.

I highly doubt he goes there...I think he is a fool if he doesnt at least give them a strong look.

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Sorry to burst your bubble Tim49461 but ORLANDO has gotten back to back picks.

Shaq in '92
C-Web in '93. He was traded for Penny Hardaway and 3 future picks from the Warriors.
Orlando barely missed the playoffs in O'Neal's rookie season, loosing a tie breaker with the Pacers for the 8th seed.
ONE ball in that draft was lucky enough to get the 1 spot.

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If the Clippers win the

If the Clippers win the lottery Wall will break something

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What if they got the 3rd

What if they got the 3rd pick?Wall&Turner already taken and now Cousins,Favors&Monroe are all PF/C
They already have PF in Griffin and an All-star(replacement) in Kaman and a young C with nice potential in DeAndre Jordan
If they drafted best available this means Cousins then what are they gonna do with Kaman?he has a high value right now and they can trade him but for who?

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If they really would trade

If they really would trade kaman, they should probably trade him for a solid SG/SF to solidify their wing positions and give them some more line-up options.

But at first they should hire a good coach who is able to get along with baron davis.

And I highly doubt that LeBron is really considering the Clippers as an option, even if they win the lottery, since they will allways play second to the Lakers.

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they would prob trade the

they would prob trade the pick or draft wesley

and i agree that clipper core in no way is more dynamic since wall nor blake has played a game yet. we already know durant has hall of fame talent. kaman/gordan not so much. westbrook allstar talent. ibaka very nice potential. green almost allstar talent harden very good talent. wall and blake-question marks on top of they would have to trade bdiddy because he would start over wall if the coach plays the best player

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