What improvements you would like to see from your favorite team?

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What improvements you would like to see from your favorite team?

Simple question. I'll start with mine.

For the Spurs I would like:

-for Tiago Splitter to play more agressive. He's an excellent finisher and pick-n-roll player, but it would be great if he plays with more strength than he shows. Comes off a bit soft at times.

-for someone off the bench to contribute big besides Manu and Captain Jack. I believe we're one more solid player away from being a better team. Perhaps Nando De Colo is that guy.

-for Manu Ginobili have the ball in his hands in crunch time situations. There were many occasions where he either threw up a stupid shot or turned the ball over and it cost them the game.

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My Raptors dropping andrea

My Raptors dropping andrea Bargnani and Bryan Colangelo will be a major improvement to my team

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More on the teams'

More on the teams' performance and less on the personnel changes.

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Indiana Pacers


- Frank Vogel. He's like the white Mike Brown. I know the team doesn't have a true point guard and Danny Granger is injured, but this team's offense isn't good. He needs to improve as a head coach at that end.

- Ball movement. The Pacers are one of the worst passing teams in the league. Like I said above, I know they don't have a true point guard, but damn... The ball needs to move more.

- Roy Hibbert. He's an early candidate for DPOY, but his offense has been terrible. He's been taking a step or two forward and then two or three back all season.

- Lance Stephenson. I'd like to see him keep improving as a player.

- I'd like to see the Pacers make a trade or two. I think it's time to say goodbye to Tyler Hansbrough (he can take Ben with him). DJ Augustine also isn't getting it done at backup point guard.

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Wizards need to fire the guy

Wizards need to fire the guy that

Traded for Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor

Gave Andray Blatche a huge contract then amnestied him

Drafted Jan Vesely and Tomas Satoransky

Tried to build a team around Wall, Nick Young, Andray Blatche, and Javale McGee with no leadership

Ernie Grunfeld

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Chicago is my 2nd favorite team but...

Get rid of Boozer. Some way. Any way. I hate his lackadaisical defense on a Thibodeau team.

Him and Deng were supposed to step up with Rose down and only Deng proved to be a leader on this team.

He's averaging 13.7 ppg so this just shows that he NEEDS an elite point guard for him to get his points.

He's a good player, but not for this team.

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Would love if they traded for Bledsoe to pair with Vucevic & Harkless for the future. 2013 isn't as good as most so if a 1st is what it will take do it.

Bledsoe is one hell of a player & it's his time to shine. Bledsoe also takes away from the necessity of a future PG.



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Oklahoma City Thunder

^^^ Lol, Vucci Mane.

3 things:

1. Durant to become stronger, but not so that he loses some of his fluidity and athleticism.

2. Durant to become a better passer and cut down on the turnovers.

3. Get a 4 or 5 who can score, maybe someone like Carl Landry. Ibaka is improving but when he's out and our 2nd unit is in, we have no threat from the big men except for Collison's trash baskets and mid-range jumpers.

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HAHAHAHA VUCCI MANE is the BEST nickname to sweep through the NBA.

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I would love

For Mike D'antoni to:
1. Finally establish his rotations !

It sucks to see Darius Morris startin at SG an only playin like 8 min per game!
He should just put Meeks or maybe Ebanks just to play defense for that first quarter I guess... It sucked to see Morris tryin to guard Melo on Christmas.

2. For the Lakers to show up every night on defense.

3. For Dwight Howard to buy J.J Redick's how to shoot a free throw DVD!

4. For Pau to keep playin as he has since Nash is back.

5. To my boy Kobe: Please stop jawing at the refs and get back on defense!!!

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1-For dirk to be dirk .We

1-For dirk to be dirk .We finally got him back now he just needs to be the old dirk
2-Collison to step up and not let his man score and be more aggressive to score
3-Everyone to rebound more
4-Kaman to dominate downlow, I've seen him to do it for little spands of time but he is to big and skilled to be handled down low

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Boston Celtics 1. A normal

Boston Celtics

1. A normal Center so we don't have to play two Pfs all the time
2. A normal back-up pointguard so we don't have to play two Sgs when Rondo's on the bench.

Thank you

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Rebounding and like the man above just said. Back up PG because our second unit has scorers but no one to set them up. Bradley should help there at times when he comes back. Team was 9 -2 with Bradley starting at the PG. Doc can sub Bradley early because Rondo always plays the whole 1st and bring Bradley in at start of 2nd quarter. That will help some. Rebounding is the reason why they don't have 3 titles over the last 5 years.

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Milwaukee Bucks: If Monta and

Milwaukee Bucks:

If Monta and Jennings don't pick it up soon, trade one or both of them (preferably Ellis) and try to get a 1st round pick in the 2014 draft if possible.

I want Milwaukee to keep Mbah A Moute, Beno Udrih, Larry Sanders, Ekpe Udoh, John Henson, Tobias Harris, and Doron Lamb around and try to find a star in the draft somewhere.

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Can't believe I am saying this but play Marquis Teague more. Dude looked lost and like he never belonged in the league during summer league and throughout the early part of the season. However, he has played better lately and the other options are an old Kirk Hinrich or Nate Robinson running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Why not give the 19 year old some time to develop. He is a really solid defender with a good body and extreme quickness that allows him to stay in front of offensive players. That quickness also allows him to get anywhere on the floor with the ball in his hands. He could make a nice backup PG behind Rose, let's see what hes got.

Play my dude Jimmy Butler! Loved him at Marquette and continue to while watching him in a Bulls uni. He does a lot of little things that don't show up on the stat sheet. Excellent rebounder and is always crashing the glass. He has shown a good touch from mid-range but would like to see him extend his range. I think once he gains some confidence and plays with the aggressiveness he did at Marquette, he will be a really nice NBA player. Besides, Thibs is going to kill Loul Deng, give Butler some more minutes!

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1. Better production at the C position, Kendrick Perkins is not cutting it
2. More efficient offensive ( more passing, swinging, slashing, etc) too much 1-on-1 at times
3. somebody else who can create offense for them self off the bench
4. More playing time for Lamb and Jones (both are productive when they play, especially Lamb)

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