What if you had this to do over

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What if you had this to do over

1 Iverson, AllenAllen Iverson* (SG) United States Philadelphia 76ers Georgetown-So.
2 Camby, MarcusMarcus Camby (C) United States Toronto Raptors UMass-Jr.
3 Abdur-Rahim, ShareefShareef Abdur-Rahim + (PF) United States Vancouver Grizzlies California-Fr.
4 Marbury, StephonStephon Marbury* (PG) United States Milwaukee Bucks (traded to Minnesota)[1] Georgia Tech-Fr.
5 Allen, RayRay Allen* (SG) United States Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Milwaukee Bucks)[1] UConn-Jr.
6 Walker, AntoineAntoine Walker+ (SF) United States Boston Celtics (from Dallas)[2] Kentucky-So.
7 Wright, LorenzenLorenzen Wright (C) United States Los Angeles Clippers Memphis-So.
8 Kittles, KerryKerry Kittles (SG) United States New Jersey Nets Villanova-Sr.
9 Walker, SamakiSamaki Walker (PF) United States Dallas Mavericks (from Boston)[2] Louisville-So.
10 Dampier, ErickErick Dampier (C) United States Indiana Pacers (from Denver)[3] Mississippi State-Jr.
11 Fuller, ToddTodd Fuller (C) United States Golden State Warriors (from Golden State via Orlando[4] and Washington)[5] NC State-Sr.
12 Potapenko, VitalyVitaly Potapenko (C) Ukraine Cleveland Cavaliers (from Washington)[6] Wright State-Jr.
13 Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant* (SG) United States Charlotte Hornets (traded to L.A. Lakers)[7] Lower Merion HS (Lower Merion, PA)
14 Stojaković, PejaPeja Stojaković* (SF) Yugoslavia
Sacramento Kings PAOK (Greece)
15 Nash, SteveSteve Nash* (PG) Canada Phoenix Suns Santa Clara-Sr.
16 Delk, TonyTony Delk (SG) United States Charlotte Hornets (from Miami)[8] Kentucky-Sr.
17 O'Neal, JermaineJermaine O'Neal* (F/C) United States Portland Trail Blazers Eau Claire HS (Columbia, SC)
18 Wallace, JohnJohn Wallace (PF) United States New York Knicks (from Detroit[9] via San Antonio)[10] Syracuse-Sr.
19 McCarty, WalterWalter McCarty (PF) United States New York Knicks (from Atlanta[11] via Miami)[12] Kentucky-Sr.
20 Ilgauskas, ZydrunasZydrunas Ilgauskas+ (C) Lithuania Cleveland Cavaliers Atletas (Lithuania)
21 Jones, DontaeDontae Jones (F) United States New York Knicks Mississippi State-Jr.
22 Rogers, RoyRoy Rogers (PF) United States Vancouver Grizzlies (from Houston)[13] Alabama-Sr.
23 Rentzias, EfthimiosEfthimios Rentzias (C) Greece Denver Nuggets (from Indiana)[3] PAOK (Greece)
24 Fisher, DerekDerek Fisher (PG) United States Los Angeles Lakers Arkansas-Little Rock-Sr.

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not sure what u mean but i

not sure what u mean but i can guarantee you that my answer is not Todd Fuller

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Great Draft..4 Future Hall of

Great Draft..4 Future Hall of Famers in Kobe,Iverson,Nash & Ray Allen..10 of those guys have made an AllStar Team..And Camby might've if it wasn't for him being injured alot...Looking back at that draft..Kobe is the undisputed best player from it..I remember John Calipari really wanted to draft Kobe..But upper management felt Kittles was the safer pick..I also remember Jerry West making the bold statement saying ''years from now when we look back at this draft..Kobe might turn out to be its best player..And he was right...If i had to do it again..My top 10 will be like this..

1.Kobe Bryant
2.Allen Iverson
3.Steve Nash
4.Ray Allen
6.Stephon Marbury
7.Jermaine O'Neal
8.Marcus Camby
9.Antoine Walker
10.Peja Stokavic

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Is Iverson for sure better

Is Iverson for sure better than Nash?
I'll take Marbury ovr Abdur-Rahim and maybe Camby over Jermaine O'neal

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I would much rather have Nash than AI

Kobe first pick though

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Should we rank them or say

Should we rank them or say who'd we draft?

If it's a re-draft then:

AI and Nash is a hard choice, if I recieved AI as a finished product, I'd take a raw AI over a raw Nash. I think in a different system he could develop into a different player.
Same thing with Marbury and Rahim.
And you can't say that if I had O'Neal, he'd hurt himself again, can you? Then I'd take him over Camby, hoping to get lucky and aquire an all-star (Maybe I'd be a stupid GM, who passed on a healthy Camby and the glass man would get hurt even sooner, I'd be called a complete moron, as I knew what I was getting)

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Yeah the Sixers should have drafted Kobe

1 Bryant, Kobe to Philadelphia 76ers..should have drafted him ,..kept his rights until he decided to play for his semi hometown...
2 Steve Nash to Toronto Raptors...They should have traded down or flat out picked Nash to man that roster in its first years..
3 Allen Iverson to Vancouver Grizzlies- Iverson should have been drafted a little lower than the # 1 might have humbled him a little bit and given the upstart Grizzles a hall of famer in his prime...
4 Ray Allen to Milwaukee Bucks...Should have never been drafted after Steph...
5 Marcus Camby to T'Wolves...KG and the Camby in their prime would have been sick...

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scarecrow, The Raptors had

scarecrow, The Raptors had the reigning rookie of the year at PG in Stoudemire. In 1996 drafting Nash would have seemed redundant.

Also does anybody think Ben Wallace would have been a top 10 pick if the draft were redone instead of being undrafted?

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They could have trades Damon

And been better for it...maybe got a top 10 pick at that....they lost Damon very shortly after and Nash is still going strong....

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