What if Lebron had gone to Chicago?

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What if Lebron had gone to Chicago?

When Lebron made his decision, I was not one of the haters of his decision. Of course I felt bad for the people of Clevland, and I do feel Lebron could have handled the situation better, but its his decision, and i respect that. At the time I thought they were foing to dominate, and I was wrong. But I can't help myself to think what if Lebron goes to Chicago? The bulls would have been able to get Boozer and Lebron, while only taking away Korver and Brewer. Then again, Rose and Lebron both need the ball and their games may contrast and not work, and we instead might be talking about what would have happened if Lebron went to Miami.

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Not the same

Rose is like a baby LeBron his team runs through him now if Joe Johnson would have gone to Chicago like Rose wanted then they'd be set with Rose-Johnson-Deng-Boozer-Noah and a bench of Watson-Bogan-Korver/Brewer(only enough money for 1)-Gibson-Thomas-Asik

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Rose led Chicago to the best

Rose led Chicago to the best record in the NBA and is about to dethrone LeBron as MVP, becoming the youngest player in NBA history to win the award... It's clear he didn't need LeBron in Chicago.

The Bulls are an above average two guard away from dominating the East and being a serious title contender every season.

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Are not an above average team. Rose has expressed his frustration with them many times. They were always a title contender, but coach Thibbz made em even better. Defense and Rose is what got them thus far. But by no means are they an above average team with out Rose. A two guard looks to make them stronger I agree, but I'm not too sure.

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Bulls lucky enough to not get him.

If LeBron would have came to Chicago, Rose wouldn't be the superstar he turned into this season.

LeBron is all about LeBron, not about teamwork.

He wants control of a team, so the Bulls might got lucky when he chose Miami.

It kept them from butting heads with eachother over who the leader should be, now everybody knows that the Bulls are Rose's team.

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the edge

i was pretty much gonna say the same thing theedge did rose turned the mvp this year and wiht the bnoat there rose woulndt have matured into the elite player he became this year

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i wish he just would have

i wish he just would have stayed in cleveland where he could have won a championship this year it would have been a challenge with teams like the bulls but he would have had a better chance than in miami.

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