What if Coach cal picked kobe?

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What if Coach cal picked kobe?

What if coach cal had not been talked out and threatened out of picking Kobe Bryant. Would things be the same? Would Kobe have even won mvps early on because he would have had his own team at 20? Would he have been practically uncoachable, and end up differently?

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its simple. He gets drafted

its simple. He gets drafted by the Nets and his agent still work a way to get him traded to the Lakers. Vlade Divac becomes a Net to team with Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd in those Finals years

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I truly believe had Kittles

I truly believe had Kittles never suffered any major injuries, he would have been an all-star SG. The guy averaged 16PG his rookie year, and 17PPG his 2nd year, till a major knee injury occurred and was never the same. He would have been a perennial 20PPG scorer. I thought the Nets took the right player in that draft, just didn't have the luck on their side.

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I had never heard cal was

I had never heard cal was threatened out of taking Kobe, I had always thought it was his call to go with Kerry all along. Either way who knows what would have happened. Good chance kobe would have forced his way to la anyways.

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