What if....

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What if....

I was playing the NBA Lottery Mock Draft ( and the Nets won and it got me thinking. The Nets and everyone else will definitely take Anthony Davis, but do you think the Nets and Magic could center a trade around Davis and Howard? I do not believe D-Will would want to wait around for Davis to develop and I also do not believe the Magic want to continue dealing with this circus that is following Howard everywhere he goes. The Magic would get one of the best prospects the NBA has ever seen and the Nets would instantly be contenders. It really seems like a win win for both franchises. Right now there is only an 8.8 percent chance of the Nets winning, but you never know.

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if the nets dont get the 1st but

but they still get a top 3 pick , they should go with andre drummond and maybe still try to build a trade around it . the magic may agree because his physical tools and style of play is similar to that of dwight (not as effective obv. ) and they can mayb develop him on the right note . his potenital is limitless and if he fullfills even 75 percent of it he will be a dominant player

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If they do get the chance to

If they do get the chance to draft Davis, I think he's as good as traded. Prokohov is going about this rebuilding differently than most teams. Instead of going with youth, he wants stars. He wants to win right now, not 5 years from now. If he didn't want to wait around for Derrick Favors, he's not going to want to wait around for Anthony Davis either. Which is a shame because a combo of Brooks-Favors-Davis would have been deadly in the future. (Which if they did not have DWill, they would have a higher chance at winning the draft lottery.)

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