What if..

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What if..

Rumor is some players are interested in playing over seas if the lockout continues. Can someone explain how they are allowed to. I know the people whose contracts ran out are free to go wherever they choose, but aren't players like Deron Williams still under contract? What would happen if the lockout ended and Williams had a contract with a Turkish team and the Nets?

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Williams' contract allows him

Williams' contract allows him to go back to the NBA when the lockout ends.

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have u been living under a

have u been living under a rock? lol

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They may very well not be allowed

But all of the contracts being discussed with European teams featuring NBA players still under contract with their NBA teams have exit clauses should the lockout end. Still, some are wondering if teams will not challenge these contracts and possibly have these players going through litigation before even getting a chance to play. Still, you could maybe do some research and maybe check the forums, as this has been a pretty repeated topic over a pretty boring lockout period.

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