What the hell is memphis thinking?

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What the hell is memphis thinking?

With rudy gay as their small forward. Memphis in my opinion arguebly had the best front court in the NBA with Marc Casol playing center and Zach Randolph playing power forward. Also rudy was a much needed tremendously gifted scoring threat on the perimeter. He has a offensive skill set that allows him to score from anywhere on the basketball court combined with elite level athleticism that makes him ultimately become a player that's very hard to defend. Yes rudy gaye is overpaid, yes rudy gay is a one dimensional basketball player. But the reality is that rudy gaye is a very talented player, who provided memphis with a balanced team offensive attack against tough team defense, and also rudy was able to match up well against the best small forwards in the league. In my opinion memphis just became a very average team in the western conference. And if you were going to trade rudy gay, then they should have kept oj mayo who would have easily provided a decent amount of perimeter scoring. Also, Sometimes it's not about what a player can't do, but about what a player can do to consistently give his team a chance to compete at a very high level. Rudy gaye's role on memphis was to be a talented scorer, who could be a go-to scoring threat in late game situations, who could also play solid team defense and be a solid playmaker and decision maker when needed. And I think rudy did a great job of playing the role he was asked to play for memphis. He wasn't asked to be the next scottie pippen because he's not that type of player. Memphis had something special going with the players they had on their roster. Especially last year. When Mike Conley was consistently giving them great point guard play, when oj mayo and rudy gay was consistently giving them great perimeter scoring, when tony allen and quincy pondexter was cosistently giving them great perimeter defenders, and when marc gasol, zach randolph, maurice speights, and dante cunningham was consistently giving them great low post scoring, rebounding, and team defensive play. Now it just seems like memphis is going in the wrong direction. And it is now very interesting to me to see how memphis will be able to consistently compete with the best teams in the western conference Also theirs a chance that memphis might be able to recover by relying on talented but unproven players like: 1. Jerryd Bayless - athletic and talented but extremely inconsistent combo guard with decent scoring skills who really has not shown that he posesses the skill set needed to consistently play the point guard and shooting guard position at a high level 2. Austin Daye - ultra skilled, talented, and versitile player who has very good shooting skills, but for some unknown reason has been a very average player in his first 3 years in the league 3. Tony Wroten - Extremely gifted, talented, and athletic player who's still a long way from being able to consistently contribute at a very high level 4. Ed Davis - Talented and athletic bigman who can defend, rebound, and block shots at a high level. And has also proven that he can offensively be a reliable athletic finisher around the rim. But will their be playing time avaliable for him because of Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Darrell Arthur How well these four playes play will determine if memphis will still be able to compete at a very high level against western conference teams

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I almost read this but then I

I almost read this but then I fell asleep. Have you ever heard of sentence structure and paragraphs?

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I am not going to read it,

I am not going to read it, but all I am going to say is give it time. We have no idea how this trade will impact any of the teams for an extended period of time and we also have no idea wha the underlining motivation for the move was. (Yes I know it is financial, but how do we know this isn't part of a bigger picture for Memphis)

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I think the consensus view is

I think the consensus view is that the trade was bad for memphis in this short term, but for the long run it was better.

By the way rudy was scoring 17 on 16 shots, now with him gone i think those 16 shots will produce more that 17 points. Guys like marc and Randolph will get even more shots.

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It's not a BAD trade, it's

It's not a BAD trade, it's decent. The only thing bad is the timing, Memphis is up-and-coming and I'm not sure they really needed a shakeup even if Rudy's contract was terrible. Prince is a solid all around player with championship experience, he's no Gay but he can get the job done still. I'm not sure Ed Davis is much better than Speights who they gave away previously though...verdict is still out on Davis. Daye was the bag of chips thrown in to even out the contracts, but he's not terrible for your 12th spot on the roster.

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