What the hell happen to Johnny Flynn!!!!!!!

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What the hell happen to Johnny Flynn!!!!!!!

I loved loved loved loved loved johnny flynn in college!!!!!!!!
For me, he was one of the most exciting players that I got the chance to see play at the college level. I put him right next to kenny anderson ( georgia tech ), allen iverson (georgetown ), larry hughes ( st.louis ), jay williams ( duke ), steve francis ( maryland ),and baron davis ( ucla ). When it comes to being one of the most exciting and entertaining guards to watch play while he was in college. I thought johnny would be a very good player in the NBA. Because I thought he had the type of freakish athleticism that was similar to nate robinson combined with a overall skill set that was similar to damon stoudamire. I hope he gets another chance to be successful in the NBA because he's still young ( age 23 ) and because he is an extremely talented, skilled, and gifted basketball player

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Well he started off playing

Well he started off playing solid as a rookie in Minnesota, back when they were just the fuggin worst. The next year he injured his hip and missed a lot of time and things fell apart from there. I think that injury took away some of his speed and quickness. He only averaged like 5 ppg and 3 apg after the injury that year. Then Minnesota traded him to Houston, where the Rockets had no use for him and all he did was ride the pine. Then by the time he was moved to Portland he had hit a decline to his hip injury making him a lesser player. Plus he was very short, wasn't a true PG, more of a scorer and wasn't very efficient either (granted he was still young) nor a good shooter.

I feel bad, because he's more than anything a victim of bad situations, and I think he never got a fair shake at things. But he looked like a solid player after his rookie season.

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He had a good rookie year and

He had a good rookie year and looked like he was going to be a good pro. But he suffered a injury his sophomore year in the league and lost some of his explosiveness. Like you said though he's still young. And at the very least i hope he can become a solid backup for a team.

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I believe he plays

I believe he plays for the Melbourne Tigers in the NBL ( I completely agree, he was a fun player to watch in college. Hopefully hitting rock bottom will ignite something in him to get back into the L.

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He is overseas right now

He is overseas right now still hooping. I think he will get a shoot back at the league. But like dude said he lost some explosiveness,and we all know flynn got a lot of attention due to his explosiveness so it was a big hit when he lost a nice chunk of it.

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Yeah he is playing in

Yeah he is playing in Melbourne. I went and watched him whilst I was living there and he wasn't all the great. I watched the game between Tigers and New Zealand Breakers (my team) he was outplayed by Cedric Jackson. He made the All-Star game however I think it was just because he was a high NBA draft pick playing in the Australian League.

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Flynn was never a great

Flynn was never a great shooter nor a great passer which is a really bad combination for a PG under 6 foot. If Flynn would of been atleast 6'3 he'd still be in the league but at his height he's a liability playing SG and isn't great at running an offense so offensively you'd idealistically want to play him at SG.

Tho with that said I don't think anybody really saw him falling this far from grace, although at the same time I never thought he was better then Ty Lawson he was both quicker, and a much better shooter. I was really surprised the way he skyrocketed up the draft boards that year. He was apparently outplaying everybody in workouts because the Kings were even looking to take him at 4.

He's still young enough to make it back in the league as a Will Bynum type player, although at one point didn't the Pistons cut him in favor of Bynum?

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I'm really surprised of how

I'm really surprised of how his career has turned out. When he was coming out of Syracuse, I thought he was one of the safest pick in the draft. Watching him in college, I saw a PG with a ton of intangibles to go along with great athleticism and skills, only negative thing about him was his height but his explosiveness made up for the lack of ideal height.

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A lot on this board called me

A lot on this board called me an idiot for wondering why he was so much more touted than Ty Lawson. It's surprising to me he is not in the league. But i always liked Lawson a lot better. I expected Flynn to be a step below Lawson right now.

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I thought Jonny Flynn was

I thought Jonny Flynn was gonna be like Chris Paul back in the day lol....he really was a great college player who flamed out. I thought he was a true PG in college, but he really was a limited passer at the NBA level and he lost his confidence after he got hurt his 2nd year.

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