What happens to Orlando in the offseason?

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What happens to Orlando in the offseason?

Obviously they are a great team. They are stacked through and through, but they don't have the players to really force "playoff" issues against the Lakers and Boston. So what do you think happens in the offseason for them?

There is Carter Lewis Reddick Bass Gortat Peitrus Nelson Williams Anderson etc... Some really good trade assets that would fill holes on other teams. I'm sure its assumed Howard is untouchable... Do they have any other untouchables? After seeing Howard's Off. game get completely exposed against the celtics do you think they need a different style of 4 other then Lewis to compliment him in the post?

I really doubt Orlando stands pat after this meltdown since this was supposed to be their season. They made it to the finals last season and increased their payroll over the last offseason with that Carter, Bass and Gortat additions. They aren't affraid to spend.

What changes do you think they make, if any?

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rashard lewis is untouchable,

rashard lewis is untouchable, but only because no team is going to want that contract. but i know they wanted to surround howard with shooters but they need a good defensive pf that can knock down midrange shots and finish around the basket. lewis should go back to the 3 to be effective again.

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Id like

to see them get a good forward who can defend. Dwight spends a lot of energy chasing around and getting those blocks id like to see him get a lil break

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