What happens to next year's shoes?

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What happens to next year's shoes?

If the lockout goes on, will companies like Nike and Adidas release a new set of bball shoes as they usually do? I really need new bball shoes soon lol

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Prob release a bunch of

Prob release a bunch of Retros..

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i was also

i was also wondering...players who are under contract that sign to play in europe (daron williams for exmple) does that mean he doesnt get paid what he was suposed to next year or does he get both salaries or is next years salary just cancled out and he continues the year after...does this mean the nets can use the extra money to sign a free agent if the lockouts...i have now clue loll

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Good f*ckin question dude!

Good f*ckin question dude!

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Offline only place only place where conversations center around &$#%#[email protected]! shoes

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No I think they'll still

No I think they'll still release everything as planned becase whether or not the players are wearing them they will still make a lot of money selling shoes- especially signature ones whether the season happens or not.

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