What happens to Aldrich?

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What happens to Aldrich?

So since the trade can't be done til the 8th, does that mean that Cole Aldrich can't play in Summer league for the Thunder, which starts on the 5th? This is there only Summer League time, and I think he should definitely play on that team, but because of the rules or what not, he can't play? Hmmm... talk to me.

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he won't be allow to compete.

he won't be allow to compete.

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he wont be able to play in

he wont be able to play in the ORLANDO summer league... which starts a bit earlier and has less teams than the vegas summer league... where almost all teams will attend..

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Oklahoma City doesn't

Oklahoma City doesn't participate in the Vegas league this year I think

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If they won't be in the Vegas

If they won't be in the Vegas summer league they could still have him play on another team, like Charlotte did with Derrick Brown last year. He played for Utah. And played well actually.

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He won't be able to play

He won't be able to play because the trades cannot be finalized until the 8th and the Orlando summer league is done on the 9th. It isn't that big of a deal. Cole Aldrich isn't some project big who needs experience against 7-footers and athletes. The guy played at Kansas for three years. The summer league is a nice opportunity for rookies to get their feet wet, but it won't set him back by missing it.

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