What happened to the Spurs Three Years 2009-2011?

Record-wise and Seed-wise, they were still an elite team, but how can those years be explained for a franchise that was known for its consistency? Three consecutive early playoff failures (that's a long time), against mediocre (at best) teams...

Watching those series when they happened, all that comes is some crazy player going hot and Spurs bricking shot-after-shot...but overall as a big picture, how can this be explained? and does it tarnish what people thought of the Spurs before these years, and especially after the 2007 banner?

Was it?

- Injuries?
- Age? - 2009 - Tim Duncan was only 33, Tony Parker 27, and Manu 32
- Young supporting cast?
- Fatigue?
- Increased competition
-In effective style?
- or just bad luck?

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