What Happened to Isaiah Canaan and MSU?

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What Happened to Isaiah Canaan and MSU?

At the beginning of the season, this guy was getting a bunch of hype and even NPOY consideration, but he really has fallen off the map. He was third in ESPN's Preseason NPOY straw poll but hasn't gotten any votes for a while now. I believe he was projected in the lottery at the beginning of the year, but now the site has him going 2nd round. His team was 26th in preseason polls, but ended up not even winning the Ohio Valley Conference tournament or regular season and didn't even play in the postseason.

I mean, he put up good numbers all year, averaging almost 22 PPG, and he shared the Conference POY with Ian Clark, but it seems like his hype has completely disappeared and his team had a bit of a disappointing year. IT just seems like a remarkable drop in stock for this guy.

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It's crazy how lofty

It's crazy how lofty expectations can really hurt a guy. He had a slightly down season, but if anyone expected a NPOY season, they were getting ahead of themselves. Seeing these Mid-Major stars putting 20-22 points makes me so grateful for a guy like Steph Curry, who averaged 28 for Davidson, and even more so for a guy like Durant, who put up 26 a game in his freshman year. We really don't see a lot of big scoring years from college guys anymore.

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I didn't see him having a big

I didn't see him having a big drop in stock. I didn't see him as anything more than a late, late first to early 2nd. That's probably where he is now.
He's just not talked about as much since his team didn't do as well. It was difficult to live up to what his team accomplished last yr.

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