What happened to Alec Burks?

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What happened to Alec Burks?

The guy was a lottery pick in '11, and had an inconsistent rookie season. I haven't watched any Utah games, so why isnt this guy getting any burn? Also, hoopshype says the word around the league is that he is on the block. Any hope for Burks becoming the type of player most of us thought he could be coming out of college?

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He's not getting minutes due

He's not getting minutes due to Hayward and Foye. Also, Mo Williams plays along Jamal Tinsley and is moved at the 2. Perhaps he needs to work harder in practice to convince Ty Corbin he deserves some time on the court.

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Burks just must not be that

Burks just must not be that good/consistent right now, that's the only way I see a lottery pick on a fringe playoff team to not get any playing time. Particularly since he doesn't exactly have awesome players in front of him.

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Wait until next year....

Wait until next year....

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He became a darling to many

He became a darling to many on this site, but the truth of the matter is that he was a slashing guard who weighed 185lbs and lacked a consistent jumper outside of 15 feet. My guess is that he hasn't addressed those issues, nor has he taken on the mentality of a defender ( so much hype on his defensive potential despite not being a comitted defender in college).

Burks is a project, I always thought his ceiling was a 14 or 15 ppg player, like Desmond Mason, not "Kobe Bryant" as he was dubbed by some on this site.

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Yeh I remember the countless

Yeh I remember the countless posts on this website claiming he would be a 20+ppg scorer in the NBA....

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A best case comparison for

A best case comparison is Marquis Daniels from what I have seen from him this year. I've heard from friends, he was offered in a trade to the Celtics, and read he was offered in a trade to the Hornets.

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