What Happened To This?

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What Happened To This?

what ever happened to this, I still see flops all the time and I never here of fines, I think they should impose this rule. Also, can you get a technical if you clearly flop in-game?

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i think

flopping is a b-itch move

these should be the rules for clear case flops

1st flop = Tech and fine

2nd flop = automatic ejection of game and a larger fine

3rd flop= suspention without pay

that mite be the only was of taking this garbage out the game

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There's a big difference between flopping and drawing a charge.

All the smart players in the league draw charges. The rest are either afraid of sacrificing their bodies, or too stupid to play good defense.

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I don't think there should be

I don't think there should be fines for flopping. I think giving techs would be enough...

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Suspension for flopping thats

Suspension for flopping thats crazy, players don't get that for flagrant fouls even.

Definately there shoudl be some fine but I don't think flopping is that big a problem u get maybe a couple a game.

The refs are pretty good calling that it seems but the bigger problem is the new Tech rules you can't even show emotion it seems.

This isn't practice or a pick up game, should've just made it that if u constantly argue you get T'd up.

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if there were fines against

if there were fines against flopping back then vlade divac wouldnt have a career... hed probably be in serbia selling p0rn out of a stand (there really are p0rn stands in serbia, on streets, in public 0_o)

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