What is Function of Lignite Dryer in Power Plant?

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What is Function of Lignite Dryer in Power Plant?

Lignite dryer or brown coal dryer is a kind of drying equipment which is used to improve the quality of lignite professionally. The lignite drying machine adopts vibration drying technology and can remove the moisture in lignite to below 10%, and improve 20% of thermal efficiency cooperating with combustion furnace. Its operation is simple, safe and reliable. This type dryer machine is very widely used in coal preparation plant, power plant, wood processing plant, etc. Lignite coal dryer ,is also used for drying coal slurry, on the condition of ensuring the lignite quality fixed , adopt low-temperature and four grades drying process, to evaporatethe mosture of lignite lower than 13%.

The first drying area in the high humidity status ,remove most of moisture through 400 ℃, to make sure the chemical composition of the lignite no change and no easy to burn; The temperature of the second area is 300℃, to remove the moisture by middle temperature induing air, to ensure lignite no coking; The temperature of the third area is 120℃-210℃,use the crushing device in the rotary body,repeatly crushing, scatterthe material,down-flowdrying;The forth drying area is high exhausting area,temperature is 60℃-80℃,remove moisture by low temperature and hot air which produced through the inducing air system .

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