What to expect from Curry

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What to expect from Curry

What is there to expect when Stephen Curry enters in the NBA?

possible all star?
bench warmer?
decent starter?

send some thought.....

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"what to expect from Stephen Curry?" Asks a man with a cool username
Hmmm we all kno Stephen Curry dominated in college, that's where he got his fame
But in the NBA it's a different game
For Curry, compared to college it won't be as merry
But i don't seem him being lame
I see him ending up as another Jason Terry.

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Hubie Brown

He'll probably be better than his dad, who was actually pretty good!!!

Um, his first couple of years he'll be a fairly decent shooter because it will take him time to adjust to the pro level. He'll shoot anywhere from the 43 to 47 percent range. He may also score about 12 to 15 points a night, if he goes to a team where he's allowed to start.

By his fourth year, he should one of the top 10 point guards in the league, assuming he doesn't spend more time a shooting guard. Too much depends on what team drafts him. know the name.

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I haven't seen many

I haven't seen many comparisons for Curry that actually match what I see. I see him as another Dell Curry, but moreso another Reggie Miller. He can light it up, has the passion, attitude, and the clutch factor. He's a star.

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Couple All-star games and

Couple All-star games and thats it. Probably 3 point shootout champ.

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reggie miller

is a fair comparison...i see that as a somewhat realistic ceiling for say he's more likely to be a solid starter that could be a key 2nd or 3rd option on a winning team

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3pt Champ 3 years in arow

He wil be the three point champ for the next three years..He wil average 3.5 threes per the mold of ray allen and reggie miller....4 all stars .....1 ring..He will average at least 18 pts this season with Wizards or Knicks!

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