What ever happened to...

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What ever happened to...

what ever happened to roddy beaubois? i know hes playing over seas but i remember mark cuban said his rookie year he was deemed as an untouchable player.. he even scored 40 points his rookie year vs golden state.. he had a foot injury then things went downhill from there.. how good could he have been if he never got hurt? i know this is super random given the draft is coming up

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He never really had a

He never really had a definitive position. Not a true point guard by any means

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Yeah that injury killed his

Yeah that injury killed his speed, I remember him flying up and down the court when he was healthy and it was nuts. If he was healthy, at the very least he'd be Reggie Jackson.

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Seems like he could find a

Seems like he could find a back-up PG role somewhere. Bulls love going through a different back-up PG every year, maybe they can give him a chance.

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Carlisle & Bad Luck

I'm a Mavs fan that has watched every single game since who knows when (I even have league pass & the crappy NBA gametime app smh) and Carlisle was never really a fan of his game. He would always make comments about how he liked Roddy the player and not Roddy the entertainer, even though at his best Roddy was a combination of both. Carlisle also thought he was kind of soft, and numerous of his comments allude to that.

Roddy actually recovered all his speed from the foot injury and had a few solid all-around games during the lockout season but would always suffer an injury at an inopportune time, even if it was minor it would take him out the rotation for a while. Jason Terry blocked his path as well, as he was suited to be a combo guard that could play alongside a big point guard like Jason Kidd. His rookie year when Jason Terry was hurt he took over that role and scored 17, 24, 24, 11, 16 in consecutive games before Terry returned. A couple games after that he exploded for the big 40 point game against Golden State.

There is a conspiracy theory that Carlisle was even less a fan after he scored 16 points in the 3rd quarter of a 2010 playoff game vs the Spurs. The Mavs were down 3-2 and down double digits when Roddy was inserted as a spark and helped the Mavs make it a game. Well in the 4th quarter Carlisle went back to Terry whom was in the midst of a terrible postseason (that year and the several previous years too) and the Mavs went right back down. The Mavs were the 2nd seed that year and many felt like they could have challenged LA because they had the size, along with Butler and Marion on the perimeter to guard Kobe. That whole offseason Carlisle and Terry were questioned and it seemed that both of them kind of resented Beaubois afterwards.

My quick analysis is that Roddy definitely has talent but sometimes lacks confidence and aggressiveness. This could be because of his natural quiet demeanor or the short leash he was usually on (I think it was both). If he entered the game and made his first jumpshot, which was usually a 3pointer, he was trouble the rest of the game as it opened up his speed to attack the rim. When he missed his first two shots, he would just go to the corner away from the ball and stay away from the play. He was a good defender with the chance to be very good in the future guarding point guards. He was a good rebounder and shot blocker because of his long wingpspan. He struggled vs shooting guards on defense because he was rail thin and lacked the strength. His 3rd year he made some strides with his all-around and point guard play but then his 4th year he got hurt early, slumped, then finished the season injured. It didn't help that the whole Mavs team was on 1-year contracts playing for themselves.

I could go on all day, but basically he was a victim of bad luck and circumstance. Playing for Carlisle as a young player is difficult, and on top of that he played with solid veteran guards in front of him. Injuries would always slow down his development but he didn't lose a bit of athleticism. I'm hoping he can find his way back to the NBA because I believe in his NBA talent. Watch some of his youtube videos and you'll be surprised at some of the plays he could make (chase down blocks, catch alley oops, sprint past the whole defense etc.)

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That was a good question.

That was a good question. One other thing about Roddy, there were so many trade offers for him but the Dallas owner would always say he wouldn't be traded.

Dallas probably could have gotten back a useful player, or pick, for him if they had traded him away.

The Bulls have liked to have a small guard scoring off the bench, maybe if DJ leaves as a free agent then Roddy could be an option for them.

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