what a douch bag (not anyone on this site)

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what a douch bag (not anyone on this site)

wow, im still in shock to y portlands owner would fire kevin pritchard, or however you spell his name. he had bascially built that team in2 a contender, and you fire him?? damn, i think kevin is a great gm. but what a douche move by paul allen, the owner

what you think blazer fans?

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eah and they still made him

eah and they still made him do the draft

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He turned the 'Jailblazers'

He turned the 'Jailblazers' into a perennial 50-win team with an incredibly bright future, and he didn't get lucky. He made a TON of great trades and keen signings, I don;t understand what he could have done to get fired.

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It's all about the

It's all about the Oden-Durant thing. But it's not cuz Oden hasn't played much, it's all about how great Durant is

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KP's firing had absolutely

KP's firing had absolutely nothing to do with Oden over Durant. Every team in the league would've taken Oden over Durant.

The problem was ego. KP clashed with the owner, who also has a high ego apparently.

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He went out in style

He went out in style pilfering Babbit and Ryan Gomes for Webster and grabbing Armon Johnson in the second.

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