What does Washingtron want for #5 ?

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What does Washingtron want for #5 ?

If Washington is really looking to move the 5th pick, what would make them pull the trigger? If they really are worried about the expense of a rookie salary im sure they want to move out of the top ten or the lottery all together. That probably eliminates teams like NY or GS that only want to jump a cpl of positions unless they can sweeten the pot with some cash considerations or expiring contracts.
I am actually hoping the Nets pull the trigger on the trade and either jump up to get Jordan Hill or James Harden. At #11 the only player I really like that fills a need is Earl Clark and he is high risk... high reward. Blair's knees being red flagged scares me and James Johnson is going to have to adjust to playing the 3.

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Trade up or hill

the wizards are in desperate need of a true center I believe that they should trade up for thabeet. Something like their 5th pick and blatche for the grizzlies 2 pick and with that they grab thabeet. If that cant be done they should get jordan hill since hes a nice scorer inside.

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I think Memphis would want more then just Blatche. I think they would want Jamison or maybe even McGee. That would be the only way for Memphis to give up the 2nd pick.

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Haywood is a true center

Haywood is a true center plus they have McGee. Wizards want to save cash. They don't want to trade up.

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A big man

Lets face it, they need a quality big man. And with Arenas back and Saunders the head man, they actually may be title contenders if they get a good big man. I dont expect them to draft one though, a free agent big is their need. They should draft a hybrid forward like Earl Clark IMO

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i think there gunna try to

i think there gunna try to move butler or jamison for a big on draft night and take harden

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