What does Kevin O'Conner have in store this year?

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What does Kevin O'Conner have in store this year?

The Utah Jazz are holding a Draft day party this year once again, but only for the 47th pick!? I think Kevin O'Conner has a little something in store for us this year. I also heard that they are highly interested in Weber State guard Damian Lillard who can potetially become the last piece to the Jazz Future starting lineup. Hopefully they are able to trade Big Al in order to make room for Favors and Kanter as well as get a first round pick!

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Call Detroit!!

If the Jazz got Lillard, not gonna lie, I would shit myself. Lillard could perfectly fill out our future lineup that includes Burks (SG), Hayward (SF), Favors (PF) and Kanter (C). The explosive Lillard, who played college ball in Utah would be a perfect fit.

If Lillard last past the Raptors, I expect O'Connor to be hitting the phone lines trying to send Millsap to Detroit for the #9 pick. I will take a day off from work and eat a quart of ben & jerry's ice cream myself the day we lost Millsap, but we've given him a lot just as he's given so much to us and it might be in the best interest of the franchise to move him given his sky-high stock as a highly (14th in PER) productive player who's in his prime at 27 and is set to make just $7.2M this year. Don't think Detroit isn't fully aware that he would be a perfect fit next to Greg Monroe down low.

In fact, I would try to work out a trade with Detroit regardless. The Warriors and Raptors have no use for our surplus of big men...the Blazers, who love Millsap and could move the 6-11 Aldridge to C, might be willing to listen to offers for the #6 pick, but to be conservative here, let's say we just focus on Detroit. Even if Lillard is gone, we could take Marshall. I am an enormous fan. I think he can affect a game as much as anyone in this class given how he masterfully he orchestrates each possession and he's the classic Jazz PG. You can then have the breathing room to bump Favors mpg from 21 to 30 and Kanter's from 13 to 20.

O'Connor has been nothing short of phenomenal in the near-decade since losing Stockton and Malone and I continue to expect nothing but the best from him.

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I would say yes to Lillard at

I would say yes to Lillard at #9, but probably not Marshall.

I love Millsap, but it might be a good idea to use him as trade bait to get a young PG wheither Lillard drops or not. A Millsap for #9 (Lillard) seems like a good trade for both teams to me.

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i am sure kevin will pull

i am sure kevin will pull something off, seems like he always pulls something off when needed. but yeah if we get lillard i will be very happy

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Jazz need more than a pg

The jazz should be trying to snag multiple pieces, not just a pg. What they should be doing, assuming they can trade into the lottery, is trying to go for a small forward and a pg like wroten. Harris is more than capable of holding the jazz in it until a whatever young pg can take over. So the more pressing position of need is a small forward who can shoot. I don't know if it can happen but the jazz need to try and make more than one move in this draft. If they can buy into the top 6 and then late first round, and snag barnes or mkg then wroten, or marshall if he falls, than that's what they should try for. Thats how you make your team better.

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