What do you want to see

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What do you want to see

I think this is going to be a very exciting match up.

The first match up that seems exciting to me is the South Dakota State game vs Michigan. Point guard match up will be amazing. Wolters should use his size to do well over Burke, but I dont think South Dakota State will be able to stop Michigans wings.

The Wisconsin Ole Miss match up. Marshall Henderson is very fun to watch. His style is opposite of Wisconsins style. I'm taking Wisconsin but would love to see Henderson advance. Love his showmanship and passion.

The second round of KU v UNC will be good. Roy back in Kansas. Can Withey go out and guard Mcadoo. Kansas should still dominate inside.

Also, Minnesota V UCLA. Minnesota started strong and ended horribly. UCLA gained momentum but the loss of Jordan Adams really hurts them. I think this game is a toss up. The load is on Shabazz and he will be able to prove he can do everything without of Jordan Adams.

Finally, my breakout player for the tourney could be Sam Dekker. He has loads of talent and for Wisconsin to advance he will have to be an efficient scorer in their molasses paced game.

What are you looking to see?

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Ole miss vs Wisconsin is the

Ole miss vs Wisconsin is the first one that really jumps out. Plus cal vs unlv. They played already and unlv won by 1 on a last second shot. If this next matchup is like the first, it will be great.

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I hope UCLA goes on a run and

I hope UCLA goes on a run and we get to see UCLA vs Kansas in the Elite Eight; Bazz would have the perfect opportunity to regain his lost draft status with a strong showing against McLemore, we didn't get to see Drummond vs Davis in the second round last year because UConn choked, so hopefully I won't be denied again.

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