what do the Suns do

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what do the Suns do

in 2 years all their starters will be gone shaq, hill, nash-retirement Amare-FA J-Ricch-I honestly cant see them keeping him should they try to win one more time and draft a low potential player wo can start immdeiatley. I would say eithert Earl Clark or Gerald Henderson both who would fit great with their system( Clark is compared wit Boris Diaw, a mediocre player who thrived in the SSOL offense, Clark will be even better) or to they rebuild trade Amare for a lotto pick and young guys and draft say Jordan Hill and then Jrue Holliday 2 young players with sky-high potential but also question marks and try to get something for Richardson(Cavaliers?)

What do you guys think?

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Phoneix should dismantle that team because every since Nash came in they've been in the mix for a title, but with a lack of defense a couple of bad front office moves and Nash getting older that teams going no where

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Blow Up

Trade Stoudemire-
( also swap picks 2 and 14)

then trade Nash-
(Portland needs a PG to lead this team)

then with those new players in and the 2nd pick take Rubio

new lineup



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I like Budinger to play with

I like Budinger to play with Richardson and Nash next season.

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suns scenario- THE BEST

WSH TRADE- jaminson/ mike james/ #5 to suns for STAT

SHAQ TRADE- dampier/wright/stackhouse/next years 1st rounder for SHAQ

PG: Steve Nash (stays the same)
SG: Jason Richardson (J-rich's inside/outside game is too good to trade)
SF: Earl Clark (draft at #14)
PF: Antwan Jaminson (WSH trade)
C: Eric Dampeir (ok, here's where it gets interesting- Shaq for eric dampier, jerry stackhouse, antoine wright, and Dallas's 1st rounder)

ok, i understand that this doesn't help our situation that much, but we NEED a defensive Center, and Shaq wants to go to Dallas.

PG: Brandon Jennings (i actually like the idea of him at #5)
SG: Leandro Barbosa
SF: Grant Hill (RESIGN HIM)
PF: Tim Thomas (trade mike James (wsh trade) for thomas- maybe even have them throw in their 1st rounder)
C: Robin Lopez (with more minutes, he could be productive)

PG: Dragic
SG: Antoine Wright/Dragic
SF: Wright/ Alando Tucker
PF: Amundson/ Tucker
C: Amundson

also- we have 2 second rounders- we could draft like Jeff pendergraph, and/or danny green. not 2 mention the first rounder from dallas- trade 2 another team for next years 1st rounder- we don't have any.


Q:what do you guys think about these senarios?

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The Shaq Trade...i dont

The Shaq Trade...i dont think noone is crazy enough to give up a 1st rounder.

Along with The Suns, the team i think that should blow up are


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I think the Suns should just

I think the Suns should just stay put. No need to get crazy with a big trade. They need to draft a player at #14 who is ready to contribute immediately. I personally think Earl Clark or James Johnson would be the best choices. Plus the Suns have 2 second picks where they can find some quality depth. Pick Curtis Jerrels & Leo Lyons in the 2nd round.

Clark or Johnson/Hill

That is a playoff team who has a slight chance to make a title run.

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Gatorheels, I disagree. This

Gatorheels, I disagree. This team has no shot for a title. And now is the time to blow up because

Nash is getting old and you need a replacement and he is a expiring contract next season

Shaq is a expiring contract, anything you can get to help the team for him. you do it.

Stoudemire has other teams in his eyes for 2010.

I say try to move Nash and Stoudemire.

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SUNS not doing much this year.

What would the Suns want for Amare considering his value is low and his history of injuries. I really think Shaq is the least likely of the Suns to be traded they are rebuilding and will let his contract expire. Nash who knows if a team is close maybe they move for him but Suns should try and unload Barbosa or Jrich's contract too.

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Trade Targets

I think Shaq will be in the last year of his contract next year. That might make him an interesting target for teams who are a piece away (presumably a center) from a championship and either with cap room or other big contracts to trade. The Cleveland scenario of trading Ben Wallace for Shaq this year didnt work because both still had two years on their contract. If both are expiring contracts, as they are this year, it could just push through. The Dallas scenario can also work out on a salary cap front since I think Dampier has a contract worth about 11M and also in the last year. Stack has a 6M deal. Throw in another player or combination of players worth 3M and it just might work. Also, if Cuban feels their team will contend with Shaq, that makes the 2010 first rounder a low first round pick and thus not much of a loss if that's what Phoenix will want to seal the deal.

With Amare, the key is that he doesn't want to be in Phoenix. As good a player as he is, the Suns might as well try to get some (any) value for him rather than lose him for nothing when he becomes a free agent.

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