What To Do With Roy- Fantasy

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What To Do With Roy- Fantasy

Aight so im in a keepers league, salaries cap and all the goodies and I have Roy on my squad. What would you do with him? Possible trade ideas. Or if you are in a similar situation, what did you do or plan on doing with him.

Im kinda on the fence bout him cuz I mean his game doesnt revolve around athleticism so I think he can still be pretty effective. But if the right offer is put together, I would really consider trading him. Thoughts?

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See if you can get like a

See if you can get like a second-third tier fantasy player for him, such as Gay, Anthony, Randolph, Stat...etc for him, if you can, i would do it.

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depends on what u can get

good mention jammin if soemone would give up a second tier guy like gay randolph id trade roy for ive got him in a league to id def trade him

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Since when is Gay a second

Since when is Gay a second tier guy?

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