What to do with Bledsoe?

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What to do with Bledsoe?

So now that the CP3 deal was made, which I feel was positive for both teams, what should the Clips do with Bledsoe? I think he could wind up being a solid contributer for them right now as he can play the 1 and a little 2 guard but with chauncey there i'm thinking it'd be in their best interest to move him while they have the veteran talent present. With the current roster alone the Clips gotta be favorited for at least a 6 seed this year. The only real glare on the squad is the lack of depth and lack of talent at the 2 so maybe sure that up and try to make a deep run this year and maybe the next few. Randy Foyes shooting percentage sucks and woulda been better suited as EG's backup Maybe package him and Bledsoe for an upgrade and/or bench depth...Thoughts?

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Trade for Landry Fields

How about to NY for Bill Walker and Landry Fields. the Clips lack size at the two, and both Fields and Walker have small contracts and length at the two. I've always been a big Bledsoe fan, and would love for the Knicks to acquire him

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i always thought he was more

i always thought he was more of an under-sized two-guard...he prob wont get too much PT but he has a lot of potential and will get the opportunity to show something

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He's injured til february...and the season is shortened.

Trade mo williams when you can(if billups stays this season).

Then let him be a solid back up, a CP3 injury(to happen) insurance, let him learn the job alongside one of the greatest in his rookie contract, and maybe in 2-3 years he'll be the next kyle lowry.

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Let him play some backup pg

Let him play some backup pg and some 2. Now you can't play him at the 2 for long but in spurts I think he can be effective. If a good deal comes about, he is a good piece to have. Don't rush to trade him.

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Billups is 35 years old and

Billups is 35 years old and Williams will probably be traded. There's no point to trade Bledsoe at this point.

Great opportunity for Bledsoe to learn under two great point guards though. He'll get his turn eventually.

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Yea I think the Clippers will

Yea I think the Clippers will groom Bledsoe to be a back up PG to Paul. I can see him playing some SG, Paul is used to playing next to a PG (Jarrett Jack, Janero Pargo).

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What about some thing like

What about some thing like this but obviously the suns need more peices i just havent figured out yet.

BUT for starters the suns get a possible Pg of the future and make about 9 mil with that trade

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^They said 6-8 months, but

^They said 6-8 months, but reports say that was as of October because teams were not allowed to report injuries during the lockout, so I don't know.

He'll get the leftover minutes between Buillups, Paul, Williams, and Foye. I expect they'll flip Williams for a Ryan Anderson, or a Reggie Evans, or an Amir Johnson.

But I just thought of somthing, let's say Devin Harris is out for an extended period of time, and they don't have anyone to run the point. The Clips could flip Mo Wilimams,

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The Clips is Harris is hurt

The Clips is Harris is hurt for an extended time should trade Williams for Milsap who is the perfect player to provide frontcourt depth off the bench. This will give the Jazz another PG and open up minutes for Favors and Kanter.

And Bledsoe is the perfect backup PG he is by no means ready to have the keys to a franchise and he;s out til February so there is no need to trade him.

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I don't really see a problem

I don't really see a problem with having him there. Especially since Paul is starting at the 1 and Billups will most likely start at the 2. They need to trade Mo Williams for a back-up SF. Foye can be the back-up 2 and Bledsoe can be the backup 1.

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The Knicks should try to get Mo william or some PG from the Clippers.

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Forget trading Bledsoe.

Forget trading Bledsoe. Williams should be the guy to go. Clippers have no depth up front right now behind Jordan and Griffin.

Trade for a guy like Biedrins who can revitalize his career with a high caliber PG. Williams will get to see plenty of minutes behind Curry and Ellis. Foye has never been on a winning team in the NBA, you would have to think with all the hype around the Clippers right now and the opportunity for him there he will try to make some good of it. Foye was good enough at Villanova to get drafted where he did.

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Keep him, let him learn under

Keep him, let him learn under CP3 and Chauncey, his athleticism is off the charts, once he gets that understanding of the game miced with his athleticism skys the limit.

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I don't understand

With the Heat seemingly looking to get rid of Miller (Who I think can still play), why not due this..

Miller can play the 2 and the 3, and provides the clippers some much needed depth in that area.

While the Heat pick up a former all-star point guard, who already has fantastic chemistry with Lebron, and can knock down three's while D-wade and James do their thing.

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If they look to move Bledsoe,

If they look to move Bledsoe, they need to try to get a SG with size.

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@aamir... why would they want


why would they want to take on Amir Johnsons contract??? that makes no sense...

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