What do the 2 best PGs in the league need?

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What do the 2 best PGs in the league need?

Ok so i figured id make up this topic for my favorite point guard Deron Williams becuz every year he balls out in the playofffs but yet he always comes up short much like his rival CP3. So im wonderin who do the jazz need 2 draft to help get deron over the hump? Same question for CP3. Or do they need to forget draft picks and worry about free agents?

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Forget about the draft.

Utah needs a shot-blocker but they are not going to find one in this draft.

New Orleans needs another scorer but I highly doubt they keep their pick.

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Well the Jazz need an

Well the Jazz need an upgrade at shooting guard and small forward. They also need to re-sign Boozer & Okur. If they do that they probably won't have any money left to spend of free agents so the rest of their needs have to be filled through this draft. At the 20th pick they have to take James Johnson. He can come in and play right away and shouldn't have any trouble scoring in the nba. He is very versatile, he can play small forward and even some power forward if needed. The 2nd round is when the Jazz can snag a solid shooting guard. Meeks, Thornton, McNeal, McClinton would all give the Jazz help it just depends on who is available. McNeal should be there and he would be a great fit to play along side Deron.

Chris Paul needs the Hornets to draft a player with the 21st pick who can contribute immediately. Hansbrough would be the best choice but there is a good chance he would be gone. So the next best option would be to take the best SG available. A guy like Ellington who can really shoot should be able to take some pressure of Paul. The Hornets seem to want to save money and sell their pick which seems like a bad idea in my opinion. I'm not sure how much if any money they have to spend on free agents. Signing Glen Davis would help in the post, that is for sure.

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I agree with Gator

Some defense would be nice and a guy who can get his own shot too for the Jazz their bench is good but SG/SF weak.
Paul needs a lot more SG, SF, C, bench, cap wise they are screwed the next 2 years with Peja, Chandler, Daniles, Peterson where is the scoring coming from besides Butler, Paul, West. Hopefully both these teams don't waste picks on back up pgs. I say draft the best player who isn't a PF/PG for, Hornets might trade the pick in a package to unload a big contract. West teams should go after a guy who can play perimeter on guys like Kobe, Roy if u realistically want to win.

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