What CBB player are you most excited to see play this year?

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What CBB player are you most excited to see play this year?

I am extremely excited for this upcoming CBB season. The player I am most excited to watch is Glenn Robinson III. He obviously stood out as a freshman, even as the 3rd option on offense. I think he will be able to show more of what he can do this year. He is extremely athletic, has an NBA ready body, and is great rebounder. He has a great looking shot which I think he will be able to show more of this year. He also has a pretty good iso game, which he was not really able to show this year, due to the fact Hardaway and Burke had the ball in their hands most of the time. Overall, Im just excited to see how much his game has improved. Who are you guys excited to see?

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I'm a little biased, but I'm

I'm a little biased, but I'm itching to see how Julius Randle plays this year. After last year's disappointing run, I'm hoping that Randle can be the leader of the team as a freshman and dominate the SEC with his versatility.

Aside from Randle, I'm curious to see if Marcus Smart can show an improved game or face the dreaded sophomore slump.

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I think it will be

I think it will be interesting to see the Harrison twins play together.

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I want to see what strides

I want to see what strides Mitch McGary can make over a whole season. I wonder if he can establish himself as a post scorer.

I also look forward to seeing Doug McDermott play. I want to see what he can do now that Creighton has joined the Big East. It will be a good test of his game and his NBA potential.

I also want to see Marcus Smart play, because I anticipate him having a bigger sophomore year than freshman. He looked really good and even more athletic than he was as a freshman during the U-19 tourney, and hopefully that carries over to his sophomore year.

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Parker and Wiggins obviously.

Parker and Wiggins obviously.

I hate to be a homer but definitely Spencer Dinwiddie, in WUG he led the assists column which was interesting, as he's never shown a ton of passing ability but if he becomes more Point oriented on offense and he can get it to our big guys, we will be even more dangerous.

I also want to see Kentucky as a whole, lots of talent on that team.

Marcus Smart of course as well, I never watched him play last year really and am excited to watch more CBB this year.

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Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins

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Montrezel Harrell. It will be

Montrezel Harrell. It will be interesting to see how much he developed after playing in the U19s. Shaka Smart said that he was just as good as anyone else on the team which is definitely saying something.

Now Chris Jones is set to run the Cardinals offense with Behanan and Russ as the upperclass leaders. So Montrezel will have to work to make sure that he remains a focal point of the team's identity. There is a good chance he could assert himself as the team's best player.

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Andrew Wiggins, Julius

Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle, GRIII and Kuran Iverson.

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I always try to find

the underrated player or the player will outplay his HS ranking. I thought Poytherss was going to be a beast and had actually UNDER performed instead. My new guy that I think will shoot up rankings and draft board is KU's Seldon. I think he is going to put up solid numbers as a freshman playing second-fiddle to fellow freshman Wiggins (third-fiddle counting Perry Ellis in the post). He is smart, skilled and has a body ready to compete from day 1 at KU.

I also want to see Aaron Gordon just because I like watching freak athletes dunk on people's heads...

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Jabari Parker. Kid has been

Jabari Parker. Kid has been hyped for so long. Graced the cover of Sports Illustrated a while back. Watched some of the Mcdonald's All-American game and he looked pretty good. I'm kinda surprised that people say he's not very athletic. He looked pretty athletic to me in that game. It will be interesting to see if Coach K uses him at the 4 because of Duke's lack of experienced post play.

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Wayne Seldon. I think he's

Wayne Seldon. I think he's the most underrated incoming freshman and I see him having a great year for the Jayhawks.

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Andrew Harrison..after all

Andrew Harrison..after all the bs us UK fans had to go through with Harrow I am looking for good PG play.

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Besides the aforementioned

Besides the aforementioned players, Kasey Hill playing with Chris Walker, Rosario, and Young. He'll be given every chance to show off how good of a point guard, and I think is the true lost gem when discussing this loaded class.

OF course, the progression of Syracuse returnees and newcomers. But also, just because the puns would plentiful, Marc Loving from Ohio State should get burn. Early and often.

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Gordon and embiid...

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Embiid because I've watched

Embiid because I've watched him in HS and although he has good potential he is highly overrated and will have a Fab Melo freshman year. Al the UK freshmen, J. Parker, Josh Huestis, Dwight Powell, Roddy Peters

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Shannon Scott of Ohio State

Shannon Scott of Ohio State

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freshman Dayshon "Scoochie"

freshman Dayshon "Scoochie" Smith of Dayton. I believe he will have something close to a Semaj Criston freshman year in the A10. Rivals and Espn labeled him as a Top 10 steal. Had about 5 or 6 high major offers but choose Dayton because of it feeling like the right fit. Dayton has another backcourt stud in Kyle Davis as well.(played aau ball with Jabari Parker)

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Besides the obvious Wiggins,

Besides the obvious Wiggins, Parker, and Randle?

The Harrison twins, Mitch McGary, Marcus Smart, and Montrezl Harrell

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Xavier Rathan Mayes. Probably

Xavier Rathan Mayes. Probably canadian bias, but i feel if he improves his floor game and instincts/decision making as a pg he has a chance as a bigger pg who can shoot in the league. Good chance to do it as well as FSU

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DeVille Smith, Jelan

DeVille Smith, Jelan Kendrick, and Roscoe Smith.

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My top 5 players to watch.

Semaj Christon- I'm a Xavier fan and I'm expecting a breakout season from Christon since this site has had him as a top 10 pick for a couple weeks now. Despite that I've watched him play a couple times and he's definitely the real deal, he could be this season's Shane Larkin. Definitely a sleeper lottery pick for 2014.

Joel Embiid- will he live up to the hype? Pitino says he could go #2 overall in the 2014 draft, I don't know much about him other than what I've read on this forum. Between him, Wiggins, and Selden, the Jayhawks will be must-see TV for any CBB fan this season.

Mitch McGary- I loved his intensity and physical play during last year's NCAA Tourney. Reminded me of Tyler Hansbrough his junior & senior years at UNC. He'll only get better replacing Burke as Michigan's leader.

Doug McDermott- an early favorite for NPOY. I want to see how he handles the bright lights of the new Big East. It ain't the Missouri Valley Conference, he'll be facing Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette, St. John's & Xavier twice a year.

Marcus Paige- I'm also a UNC fan, I was disappointed in Paige last season but I'll look for improvements this year since he's put on some weight and worked on his game during the offseason. Kennedy Meeks is another Tar Heel underclassman I'm excited for.

Also LaQuinton Ross (liked what I saw during the Tourney), Montrezl Harrell, and Kansas & Kentucky. I hate UK big time (for its "one and done factory" rep) but when was the last time a team had 4 potential top 5 picks in its starting 5? This CBB season is shaping up to be one of the best in my recent memory, I can't wait to watch all these guys all season long.

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James Young, Ive loved him

James Young, Ive loved him since his sophomore year. Think he has a really NBA ready game, but I want to see if he has the competitive drive to crack into the starting rotation in the stacked Kentucky locker room. If he can come in with a 110% effort mind frame, he's gonna be an exciting player to watch.

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good one

i want to see how good Wiggins and Parker are, i want to see how much improved McGary is and Smart too i want to see how good Kentucky is going to play with their fantastic Roster

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I'm excited to see what Noah

I'm excited to see what Noah Vonleh can do.

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I wanna see Semoj Christian

I wanna see Semoj Christian for Xavier. He's very intriguing IMO, a taller PG.

I also am interested to see how Marcus Smart plays, and improves from an outstanding, but fairly inefficient Fr. season.

I think Isaiah Cousins for Oklahoma is going to be the biggest sleeper in the nation next season. He's a quick, bigger PG who reminds me a little bit of Darius Morris.

Also, Julius Randle and Andrew Wiggins will also be more worth keeping an eye on than any other college players.

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For me

I want tosee Ernest Ross from Missouri, I just think he is on the verge he has good tools , if hes tightened his hanndle up over the summer I think he could have a good year. Another is Perea from Indian , has he gained any weight did he learn anything last year behind Zeller. He could breakout even as a defensive pogo stick/lob catcher

Kyle anderson, how he palys with a season under his belt.

Jp Tokoto- hell get some extra tick during Hairstons suspesion might be able tomake a markof some sort and even McAdoo. Written of by most but I think hell spend the summer mastering that half turn/pivot jumper(which he should have done last sumer imo) and get atleast 17/18 and 8.

Cant wait

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Noah Vonleh , Bhullar brothers , Isaiah Austin and...

Noah Vonleh , Bhullar brothers , Isaiah Austin and...NATURALLY Mamadou Ndiaye of CALIFORNIA IRVINE !!!!!

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