What Can You Tell Me About Vitor Faverani?

The Celtics just signed 25 year old Brazilian center, Vitor Faverani, to a 3-year deal.

What is there to know about this guy? Is he a project, potential starter, or future star? What are his strengths? What are his weaknesses?

Was it a good signing for the C's?

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I mean I guess he fills a

I mean I guess he fills a roster spot. From the videos I've watched on him, and the articles I read he seems very mediocre. He's a legit 6'11 260, but he's not very good around the basket, and his defense leaves much to be desired. Overall I wouldn't be a surprise if this was just a move to help Fab Melo get acquainted to the NBa life, because Vitor is really just a big body. As a Celtic fan this is just really lackluster.

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I'm a Celtics fan, too, and I

I'm a Celtics fan, too, and I haven't been impressed by what we've done this offseason. I have never watched Vitor play. I was thinking it may have something to do with Fab Melo as well.

On a side note, Kelly Olynyk surprised me with his play in Orlando.

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He has a huge shlong

He has a huge shlong

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