what the bulls should do.

the bulls had a quality season last season. they dont really have a chance to win until they sign the big free agent in 2010 and there players grow up. they need to continue to rebuild a championship team. giving up pieces just so you could guarantee getting a player early might not be the best thing if you can still get him later nor is being able to offer him the most money. you might save dollars just signing him because he interested in a young talented team with history. they need to look to the future.
giving up hinrich doesnt make that much sense. he has a declining contract and backs up both guard positions. most likely they would have to get two guys to replace him for both g spots. if salmons and rose play 35 each a night that still leaves 26 min for hinrich. the bulls have other needs. tyrus thomas wont accept being a backup and when bosh or amare comes thomas will be the backup big man because noah will be starting over him. he will want to much money, he cant accept being a back up its time to get rid of him. luol deng has been hurt two seasons in a row and its hard to tell if he can stay healthy. if he could stay healthy it would be worth it to keep him but safer to trade him away now. salmons is a sg and should not play sf. that leaves deng as the only sf and the only good perimeter defender starting. hinrich is a great defender but he shouldnt guard sf's. he was 2nd team all-defence not too long ago.
if the bulls were to make a trade they should trade deng, thomas, the 26th pick, next years 1st?,2nd? rounder for bosh, amare, jefferson.? they would need to get a sf back in the trade too. if they give up the 16th pick they would need to get a starting sf back. kapono is not the answer with him and salmons they couldnt stop anybody on the wing. kapono can come off the bench and they would still need the 16th pick for a sf.
they should do that trade and take earl clark. james johnson, or chase budinger at 16 as the replacement for deng. that would leave hinrich to backup both guards spots, a guy in the trade for the sf spot, and miller for the pf,c spots since noah can slide over. they should take a look at dejuan blair at 16 if possible if they dont do the trade. b j bum mullins will never produce anything and is not worth taking. he cant dominate big 10 college scrubs let alone nba players. somebody name me the top big man he faced in the big 10 please.
if they keep the 26 pick and take a sf or blair they should look at the best player possible in hansbrough, williams, young. maybe williams or young could take over for salmons after his contract is done in two seasons. thoughts anyone?

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Amare supposedely is their

Amare supposedely is their target. I would prefer Bosh, but I've heard Bulls are in running. From Shaq rumors, it appears Suns are more interested in moving cap space than aquiring talent. If that's the case and he's healthy, I would start there. I think they like Deng. They can throw Deng and/or Tyrus Thomas and cap relief. If they trade Deng, they should draft the best small forward available to replace him. T-Will would be great if he falls to us , and I think he will. If Barbosa could be had in this deal, I would take him and let Ben Gordon go. At #26, they should take the best player available. Early on, I thought Hansborough would fall. Doesn't look like that's the case now. If they don't re-sign Gordon, they should also look at shooting guards. Ellington is the one I like that may fall to them. Gordon can't technically even begin negotiating with other teams til July 1st. We all know that's a crock. Bulls will know whee they stand with Gordon on draft night and should draft accordingly. If they have to give up next year's 1st round pick, they can. Supposed to be good draft next year, but hoefully Bulls pick would be well out of lottery.

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Instead, BE AGGRESSIVE and GO GET the players you NEED...DeJuan Blair and Terrence Williams.

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But will they be worse than

But will they be worse than the Bobcats? And where will Detroit and Sacramento and Phoenix end up in all this? With real lottery prizes like Nerlens Noel, Cody Zeller, and Shabazz Muhammad likely to declare for next year’s draft, these are questions worth asking.

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“We’ve got a lot of depth,

“We’ve got a lot of depth, but not at the center,” Smith said. “I feel like I can use my strength and my technique, and what I learned last year from big guys like Sam Dalembert and Luis Scola. I can bring all that into this year.”

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