What Boston should do

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What Boston should do

So Boston keeps saying they arent trading Rondo, i could buy this and if thats the case, heres my best case scenerio. Resign Rondo to a 4 year 5th partially garunteed contract worth 90 mill. That would clear up his trade rumors and give him a near max contract and would start him at around 16 in 2015.

Then you trade Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace, Courtney Lee and a future first, who are due 27 million in the 2015 2016 season for John Salmons, Chuck Hayes, Marcus Thornton and Ben McClemore who are due 3.5 million by the 15 16 season in McClemores contract. For the celtics, you get a future shooter to pair next to Rondo and free up 24 million by the 2015 season. For Sacramento you get a good perimeter presence in Green to pair next to Cousins plus you get a less offensive but still suitable Courntey Lee with a solid backup and veteren presence of Gerald Wallace. Plus since youre giving up a future assit in Ben you get a future first from the Celtics in return. Also for the Celtics i feel you get worse this year for a better pick.

So if youre the Celts you have only 24 in cap space commited by 2015 with a starting unit of Rondo, McClemore, (2014 pick, assuming top 5 in Wiggins/Parker/Gordon) Sullinger, and Olynyk.

Plus with all the cap space they have and the free agent class of 15 in Love/Lopez/Aldridge. That would be a pretty great lineup to make a championship run with all fitting in their roles nicely with RRondo running it at point.

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I'm not for giving any player

I'm not for giving any player the max unless it's a super star caliber player. I think the Celtics gm and front office is doing the right thing in rebuilding though the draft, but I'm scared that Brad Steven is too good of a coach to have right now, and that they could be slightly too good to end up not getting a top five pick.

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As a Celtics fan, I'd love

As a Celtics fan, I'd love that. Keeping Rondo and adding an athletic, young shooter and getting rid of Wallace's contract would be an ideal situation. But what would be the advantage of doing this for the Kings? They'd give up one of their biggest assets for Jeff Green, a player I like and is an above average player in this league, but does not add anything long term for them. They also just got Derrick Williams, a player similiar to Jeff Green in the sense that they are in between the 4/3. Lastly, if you are taking on Wallace's contract and giving up McClemore you need to get something MUCH better than Jeff Green. Would be great for the C's but no way in hell the Kings do this

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Believe it or not, Jeff Green

Believe it or not, Jeff Green has been playing as 2/3 this season.

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I don't see Sacramento

I don't see Sacramento trading away McLemore and I'm not a huge fan of giving Rondo a max contract.

Especially because not even Curry or Westbrook have a max. Two guys who I think are better than Rondo.

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Kings won't take on Wallace's

Kings won't take on Wallace's contract AND trade McLemore just to get a future first round pick.

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