What are your thoughts on Derrick Rose missing the entire season?

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What are your thoughts on Derrick Rose missing the entire season?

He seems to have come to terms with it.

"When the time comes I just have to be ready and prove to the people here that I am ready to play. Who knows when that time is? If it's all year I might wait the whole year, so what?"

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My thoughts? He's smart, no

My thoughts?

He's smart, no need to rush it, come back when you are 100% healthy.

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Come to terms with what? All

Come to terms with what? All he's saying is that he won't rush to come back. If he feels recovered by January, February, whatever and he trusts his knee, he'll be back. If he doesn't he won't. There's no sense in sitting out the entire season even if he has recovered. He can't be more than 100% back. There's the recovery, then there's getting over the mental hurdle of trusting his knee. In order to do that he's gonna have to play on it.

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The Bulls should do what the

The Bulls should do what the Spurs did and tank this season. Get yourself a nice top 3 pick and have a healthy Derrick Rose for next year. The Bulls aren't scrubs though so tanking may be an issue.

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There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind that he could be ready for NBA action by around the all star break. That means 30 or so games. Play him 15 to 20 minutes a night for half of them, no back to backs. Then up it to no more than 30 minutes a game for the last 10 to 12 games. Use discretion on any back to backs in that time. He will need these minutes for next it gets a lot of the pressure of his comeback off for the beginning of the year. You don't have to push him hard and if he doesn't feel comfortable, let him be the judge.

also, for the bulls, it's important to be realistic and say we aren't championship contenders this year. Get Deng healthy also. I'm not saying completely tank for a top 5 pick but you need both Rose and Deng 100% to compete in the future. Get your young guys some playing time like Teague and Butler. Maybe get a top. 15 picks or around there. Get another young piece for moving forward.

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@Siggy I've been writing


I've been writing that same thing for like months. Like literally 100% of what you wrote.

Derrick Rose *should* come back if he's 100% healthy. It wouldn't make sense for them to hold him out, unless the Bulls just have no shot at the playoffs, etc.

I've been writing the Bulls shouldn't baby him. When he's 100% healthy, let him play... He needs to take a hit, fall down and just get over that mental hurdle because that's the hardest part.

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I'm a Die Hard Bulls Fan

I was born and raised in Chi town and I wouldnt even be upset if D. Rose missed the whole year. He has too bright of a future to jeopordize his career by coming back early. He is our next MJ and last season he was plagued by injuries, missing more than half the season.

But if they do choose to bring him back i hope they dont play him alot because lets face it they arent gonna win a ship this year. The bench mob has been replaced by people who will be gone by next year, and Belinelli is the new hot sauce(replacing Kyle Korver) They need to use this year to get jimmy butler better, keep Gibson happy, and plan to trade or amnesty Boozer. I personally think hes the problem.

I disagree with the guy who said they should tank. Thats just is not realistic with how the Bulls are comprised. Sure it's nice to get some young talent but Thibs wouldn't let that happen. I really think they can make the playoffs.

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I hope he does

I like Rose and this injury you are better off not pushing it. Come back next season at 100%. I hope they sit him for the year. Has too much to lose. I would shut him down for the year no doubt.

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