What are the chances...

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What are the chances...

What are the chances of a player like Aaron Falzon from Northfield Mount Hermon Prep in Mass (Top Prep School Basketball Academy in the Country) making the league? Not overly athletic, but athletic enough to compete at both ends, won't blow you away with monster dunks or strong finishes in transition, but can handle the rock, get into the lane and finish through contact but most importantly one of the purest wing shooters in the nation. At 6"8 he has the size to compete on both ends of the floor, once he works on his frame he should be able to finish stronger at the rim, but with such a smooth, pure jumpshot like that, do you think a team could find a spot for him on their roster with a second round pick in a few years once he polishes his game a bit more and gets a more NBA ready body?

Here is a link to a season mix of him, featuring mostly jumpshots, but he has been labled as the top wing shooter in the nation:

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These threads are always

These threads are always somewhat difficult because a kid could still grow more, have a breakout AAU season, etc.

But, from what I saw there ---- no. I'm not seeing NBA potential for him.

He shoots the ball with decent form, and gets to the rim somewhat aggressively. Athletically, he definitely doesn't blow you away. 6'7"-6'8" is good size but in the NBA that's more the SF position, and by no means does he possess the lateral quickness necessary to play that position in the league. He finished at the rim well, but, he was going in against guys that didn't look very big/athletic.

I do think he's a Division 1 player (haven't even checked to see who's interested/offered), but I'm just not seeing NBA potential.

For him, he needs to read/study every single thing about Gordon Hayward. When Hayward arrived at Butler he was not considered a potential NBA player. He worked his tail off, made a very good impact his freshman year, even better sophomore year, and look at him now. I'm by no means saying this kid is as good as Hayward was, but he does remind me of a poor mans Gordon Hayward.

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