What about Michael Carter-Williams to the Thunder?

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What about Michael Carter-Williams to the Thunder?

After seeing Syracuse win last night, not only due to the zone defense but also due to having big, long guards, I think that MCW's draft stock is going up.

MCW is not a traditional point guard (taller, but perhaps slower), but the Thunder is not a traditional team with Durant being the best scorer in the league, but sometimes taking a backseat to Russell Westbrook.

If they bring MCW off the bench then they could go for a bigger lineup then with MCW at point and Kevin Martin or Jeremy Lamb at shooting guard. Or, they could start MCW and put Westbrook at the off guard spot which is probably where he should be anyway.

MCW would also give them a crafty creator on offense, similar to what James Harden gave them, but perhaps an even better play maker though.

I know these mocks have them taking a big guy, but with MCW that gives them a big time creator, a guy who can replace James Harden as a third option, and a guy that can allow Westbrook to move over to the 2 spot.

The Thunder still have a late first round pick and an early second round pick. They could still take a big man like Dieng, or if Payne is there, or if Plumlee falls. Or, a smaller 4/3 guy who can score like Deshaun Thomas. They could then take a flyer on a guy like DJ Stephens who can give them some energy at the 3 and 4 (very small 4) spots, and could give them an ideal athletic, attacking lineup.

Their bench with Payne, MCW, and Stephens would be really tough to deal with with a tall, long backcourt in MCW and Jeremy Lamb (or Kevin Martin), with DJ Stephens and Perry Jones at the forward spots (or Nick Collison) and then Payne at center.

With these draft picks they could go with a lineup of MCW at point, Westbrook at the 2, Durant at the 3, and with Ibaka and Payne on the inside patrolling the paint and swatting shots.

MCW is not a traditional point guard, and may not turn into a superstar, but with the right team I think he could thrive. I think the Thunder could really use him.

What do you guys think?

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The Thunder have a lot of

The Thunder have a lot of options. They could go big which is never a bad idea for any team, but have the luxury of having solid players everywhere so they can be picky. You see how much they use rookies.... Jeremy Lamb is playing 4 mins a game while Jones is playing 6mins so we really don't know if they'll even keep the pick. I think they could package their 1st round picks and try and move up enough to grab a player they really want whether that's a big, a backup wing, or a PG. I don't think drafting a backup PG would be a horrible idea because Westbrook plays great at the 2, but like I said they had a ton of options and I am really curious as to what they are going to do.

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What happens to Reggie

What happens to Reggie Jackson then? We all know what happens to Derek Fisher.

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Could be an interesting fit. Pairing the playmaking and size of MCW with the scoring ability of Westbrook could be a good fit. It could also be risky as Westbrook operates with the ball in his hands often times, and while MCW likely would be dishing it to him a lot, it would force Westbrook to play off ball more. But whatever happens, OKC needs to get a player who can operate without scoring 20 ppg. Sure a player like Shabazz would be nice, but I don't know if Westbrook/Durant/Bazz could all split shots and each average 20+ ppg. So a player like MCW, Porter, or Oladipo just to name a few, may be a better fit.

And I like the idea of OKC going for a guard first and then a big later though. Unless they get a good pick, I don't see them getting Zeller, Noel, or Len. So going for a guard with Toronto's pick and then Dieng, Nogueira, Withey or another big with their late first rounder could work better. I still think if they could get one of Zeller/Noel/Len that it would be their best option, but I don't see it happening as of now.

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