What about the Fans?

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What about the Fans?

Here's what I don't get about the lockout: why do the fans/communities of teams have no voice? It really disturbs me that neither side has acknowledged the role of the fans in all this- on both sides, there's a pervasive mentality of us against them. What about the average people who just want to go to games? What about all the people that are laid off because games aren't being played? What about surrounding bars/restaurants losing business because of canceled basketball games? The shortsightedness and complete lack of consideration for anyone but themselves is completely disgusting, and if they continue to act like that, they deserve to not have a season.

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Because were just pauns and

Because were just pawns and as soon as the nba comes back we as a whole will get right back on it and buy tickets or help them generate revenues by watching the games on TV....i sway we all stop watching nba and start watching wnba (that will show them..umm ok never mind i like "being a pawn" idea better)

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you do have a voice, just

you do have a voice, just stop going to games, watching them and buying their merchandise. If enough people do that, it will have a very serious impact on the league as well as any potential future labor stoppages. I hope tons of people turn their back on the league, but unfortunately i wont be able to join them. Im a sucker for basketball. And while it sucks for all the fans as well as employees being affected by the lockout, if they know we will be back, then its not gonna change how they do things. They are arguing over how to divide up the money we give them.

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as a fan it sucks to see a

as a fan it sucks to see a shortened season because there are a lot of veterans i want to watch.

i love watchin kidd, ray allen .. all the older stars etc. an extended lockout could force them to retire earlier who knows..

the league will be just fine with all of the young stars but $ the veterans can still surprise us with highlights here and there!

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When the MLB had a strike in

When the MLB had a strike in 1994 it took a long time for fans to get intersested in baseball again and start going to games. If this lockout last over a really long period of time then I think that the same type of thing will happen to the NBA that happened to the MLB. Most fans will lose interest over a long period of time, and the more games that are missed I think the longer it will take for the fans to go out and buy tickets and start going to games again.

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