West vs East

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West vs East

Obviously this isn't breaking news but the disparity in talent between these two conferences, and the complete lack of quality teams in the East, is pretty laughable. Check out the splits vs the opposite conferences..
Indiana 9-2 11-2 San Antonio
Miami 10-2 15-2 Portland
Washington 3-9 11-2 Oklahoma City
Toronto 6-7 10-6 LA Clippers
Detroit 2-11 12-3 Houston
Chicago 3-8 10-2 Golden State
Atlanta 7-8 5-5 Phoenix
Charlotte 3-11 10-4 Dallas
Boston 3-14 9-4 Denver
New York 3-11 8-4 Memphis
Brooklyn 6-8 11-6 Minnesota
Philadelphia 5-11 8-5 New Orleans
Orlando 2-15 5-8 Sacramento
Cleveland 5-7 6-7 LA Lakers
Milwaukee 1-9 6-8 Utah
New Orleans, the 12th best team in the West could legitimately be the 3 seed if they were in the East
Also makes me wish Indy and Miami were in the west fighting it out with the OKCs and Clippers of the West on national tv on a nightly basis instead of checking the box score against a garbage Cav or Sixer team.

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