The Weakest Link...

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The Weakest Link...

Usually I wouldn't post this early but the pistons need to nip the weakest link in the bud while they still can. Greg Monroe is the pistons weakest player. The pistons need to trade him while while his stock is high. He is a huge liability on defense and has no jumpshot. As a result it brings the team defense down. Case in point the Bulls game tonight. Taj, Boozer, and Noah all know to attack monroe because he put zero effort into blocking and recenly drummond been playing soft defense to avoid foul trouble...We all know he's a great shot blocker but lately he doesn't have luxury to show that due to him picking up monroe's liability.Outside of Monroe's defense hes a great player, however he does not fit the pistons DNA, and he needs to be moved for a SG or SF. The reason why they need to do this early is eventhough the Eastern conference is extremely weak I believe the pistons are still going to make the playoffs regardless however, they should avoid the 7 or 8th seed (miami and indiana) .

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U think Monroe's the weakest link huh? I def disagree. I think u could point the finger at istons management before you point the finger at Monroe. Personally I feel like he thrived at the Center position and it's just strange to me that all of a sudden when they basically bring in another non shooting player such as josh smith that some ppl think Monroe is he problem.

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The entire Pistons frontcourt

The entire Pistons frontcourt is weak defensively as a whole. Their schemes suck too. Smith does not defend SFs well, he takes unnecessary gambles and falls asleep at times. Monroe tries, but he's slow footed and absolutely sucks at hedging and recovering. He's not agile enough to contest shots well either. Drummond doesn't have the experience to be a defensive anchor. He gets caught ball watching, his timing on rotations is poor, he lacks awareness and he doesn't communicate. In man situations he can get bodied (for such a physical specimen he plays soft) and faked out of his shoes.

They're all weak defensively. Combined, they're one of the worst frontcourts in the league defensively.

Now for the other side of the ball, even with his lack of jumpshot he's still way better than either Smith or Drummond offensively. You can actually run offense through Monroe because he can create his own offense while also being the best passer on the team. Smith still plays like an idiot who doesn't know his own limitations and Drummond is nothing but a catch and finish dunker and o-rebounder.

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