Weak Flagrants

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Weak Flagrants

I talked about this in a comment on a different post earlier in the week, but wow the NBA is getting soft. IMO the flagrant Collison just got in the OKC/Griz game should definitely not have been a flagrant. The Playoffs are physical. You can't just give up easy baskets like that. A play like that used to be considered a good basketball play and was expected in big games. Now they call pretty much every hard foul a flagrant and the offensive team has the potential for a four point possession, ridiculous. I can already see it happening in crunch time of a big playoff game this season where the refs call some weak flagrant that ends up deciding the game. I still love the NBA, I love watching the playoffs, but wow it is frustrating seeing how soft the game is getting.

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The whole thing where if you

The whole thing where if you hit their head and it automatically being a fragrant is insane. Most of the time its completely unintentional.

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Absolutely a terrible rule.

Absolutely a terrible rule. You know a flagrant when you see it, a little brush on the head shouldnt be one. I don't know if its due the whole overreaction to concussions but some of these are so weak and there isn't much contact at all.
Another stupid rule is the double technical call (we all know JVG hates this one too). All it takes to get thrown out of a game now is a little trash talking for a double T and then some minor incidental contact to someone's head. NBA is a star driven league and nobody wants to see that happen to these guys.

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I agree terrible rule

I agree terrible rule

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