with weak draft2013 who's team make the safe choice...

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with weak draft2013 who's team make the safe choice...

For me the cavaliers is the best draft choice of that night...why?? Anthony Bennett is a ready combo forward on that draft..he can rebound,very good in pick and pop and also not a bad distributor..he has a ready nba body that can bang inside around the league..he is my 3rd choice in my mock draft for wizards..

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imo the Wizards made the

imo the Wizards made the safest choice. Otto Porter is a really good all-around player. His game will likely translate really well because he is a terrific defender w good length and already has a nice jumper. I don't think he will ever be a no. 1 option on a team, but i think he will have a really nice career and be a great role player/borderline star who can really help a team win with his defense, ability to score, and rebound. In his prime i could see numbers like 18 ppg, 6.5 rbs, 3 ast, 1.5 stl, 1 blk.

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Pelicans had the safest draft by trading for a young proven allstar

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Utah snagging Trey Burke - he

Utah snagging Trey Burke - he is gonna be a good pro - very, very low bust potential

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I think the Rockets got a

I think the Rockets got a steal with their only pick in the second round. Cannon would've been a first round pick last year. Also, I think he fits thrir system really well.

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Pairing McCollum with

Pairing McCollum with Lillard is just brilliant, the two poster boys of "small school ball" two guys who are highly driven and will feed off of each other. McCollum will have another person's brain to dissect and somebody to lean onto during tough times (inevitable rookie wall). Otto Porter should be solid if a little unspectacular. I have to say, Oladipo at point guard intrigues me.

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