WCF was the best game of the season

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WCF was the best game of the season

I know its kind of late but I had prom yesterday and when I came back I watched the recording of the game. That was the best basketball game of the whole locked-out season! Just how the Thunder came back from a 15 point lead, it was a great night overall ;)

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I told my friend before the

I told my friend before the series started it would be 80-80 going into the 4th quarter in a game 7. I 100% believed homecourt advantage was the biggest advantage in the series and if a team won an away game then it was their series to lose. The Thunder played great and I can't see the Celtics or the HEAT being able to do anything against the Thunder. Thunder in 6 in the Finals.

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Yeah, that was a great game.

Yeah, that was a great game. Can't believe Stephen Jackson only got 7 shots.

My X Factor for the series for the Thunder was Serge Ibaka. Well, he came through and the Thunder came from behind to win 4 straight.

I hope the Celtics win game 6. That would give us a great final between OKC and Boston. Boston put the Big Four together in part by trading for Ray Allen who played for the Sonics. Then you had that Kendrick Perkins/Jeff Green trade that really helped the Thunder and gave them their tough identity.

The matchups look great too. Westbrook vs. Rondo. Durant vs. Pierce. Harden vs. Ray Allen. KG vs. Ibaka. Even Collison vs. Brandon Bass, K Perk vs. Stiemsma, and Thabo vs. Pietrus.

That would be an awesome series.

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I actually thought game 5 was

I actually thought game 5 was a better game, although game 6 was great as well. It was just a great overall series with only one blow out game. OKC has something very special going right now.

I think either match up would be great to watch and I would give the Thunder the edge against either team. If Miami beats Boston it will set up Lebron vs. Durant and if KD has a better series individually and OKC wins the series, he should be considered the best overall player in the league.

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what I saw

That was a great game for 3 quarters. That 4th quarter though was one of the most poorly officiated quarters in NBA history. I feel like we haven't even watched the real 4th quarter yet.

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